SPC Community Garden

About the Community Garden

The SPC Community Garden is a civic engagement project focused on bringing students, staff, faculty and the community together in urban gardening that started in Fall 2015.

SPC Community Garden is located at 404 Hedges Street, San Antonio, TX 78203, and is on the MLK Campus at the corner of Hedges and Gevers Streets behind LLDC (Building 17).  Students, staff, faculty and community members attend regularly to work in the garden.

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Calendar of Events:

As well as workdays, special events are held throughout the year at the community garden. They include plot-to-plate, culinary cookoffs, demonstrations, special guest speakers, Earth Day/Arbor Day. See the calendar below for information and to sign up for any of these. If you would like to, you can also follow us on Facebook to get notifications of upcoming events.

SPC Community Garden Flyer

What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is a single plot of land, usually in an urban area, where people gather together to grow fresh vegetables and flowers. It can provide educational opportunities, promote good health through physical activity, stress relief, a connection to nature, and bring people together through the community.

Garden Workdays

Student volunteers participate on workdays to enhance the community garden. Emphasis will be placed on increasing the growing capacity and variety of edible produce grown in the garden as well as improving existing infrastructure to improve the utilization of the resources available.

Students that participate in the work days provide the work necessary to see the benefit of the food produced by this garden. They worked in the garden alongside the community gardeners and master gardeners to learn how to plant each type of vegetable seedling, how to plant seeds, how to compost, how to mulch, how and when to water, and so much more.


The community garden demonstrates collaboration among faculty and students of several disciplines, including (but not limited to):

  • Allied health
  • Anatomy
  • Chemistry
  • Construction
  • Culinary
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • General biology
  • Mathematics
  • Natural sciences
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Sociology

Benefits of Gardening

The benefits of gardening at SPC Community Garden not only include the bounty of the garden in the way of fruits and vegetables, but also a gentle way to exercise, socialize with others fostering connections, increase exposure to vitamin D and fresh air, and gardening has been demonstrated as a mood booster.