Student Government Association

What is Student Government Association (SGA)?

The Student Government Association encourages all students to participate within our community through student organizations, leadership opportunities and campus events. They promote knowledge among students. SGA is committed to upholding the mission of the college and its longstanding traditions while creating new traditions for its students. SGA also fosters unity among students with dignity and respect for all.

SGA Goals:

  • Represent SPC students
  • Share knowledge about current policies and issues on campus
  • Develop relationships and networking with opportunities with students, staff, faculty and administration
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Coordinate and promote campus activities for student engagement resulting in retention and graduation
  • Serve as a liaison to SPC Administration while researching and resolving student concerns

Meet your 2021-2022 Executive Council

Valentin Morin

Vice President (MLK)
Gabrielle Garza

Vice President (SWC)
Tony Sanders

Sayra Salazar

Alayna Morgano

Taleka “Tee” Anderson

Matt Ramos

For more information about SGA, please contact our President, Valentin Morin, at

General Assemblies

SGA invites all students to attend General Assemblies to learn more about what is happening at SPC! Stay tuned for meeting dates, times, and location.