Classroom Information

Committed to Quality Child Care and Development

We provide excellent learning opportunities for every child at our center with the different classroom activities. The information provided below details each of our classroom's programs, child/teacher ratio, daily schedules, and teacher's qualifications.

Toddlers: Tiger Cubs (18 - 23 months)

  • Teacher to child ratio is 1 to 5
  • Age is 18 to 23 months (Toddlers must be walking independently)

The Tiger Cubs Classroom (18-23 months) provides:

Developmentally appropriate activities to help:

  • language,
  • fine and gross motor skills,
  • social / emotional skills,
  • and cognitive skills.

A nurturing and caring environment

Toddlers: Bear Cubs (24 - 33 months)

  • Teacher to child ratio is 1 to 6
  • Age is 24 to 33 months

The Bear Cubs Classroom (24-33 months) provides:

  • activities for different development (e.g. physical/intellectual/social)
  • group activities such as music, stories, and dancing
  • indoor and outdoor activities,
  • open-ended activities to allow maximum benefit for the children,
  • and parental resources on development milestone (e.g. toilet training, biting prevention and parental skills).

Pre-schoolers: Eagles/Lions (34 months - 5 years)

  • Teacher to child ratio is 1 to 8
  • Age is 34 months to 5 years

The Eagles/Lions Classrooms (34 months-5 years) provides:

  • activities for different developmental areas (e.g. physical/intellectual/social)
  • indoor and outdoor activities,
  • social awareness; respect one another and their environment,
  • problem solving skills,
  • family-style dining for social interaction and self-help skills,
  • and transitional assistance to kindergarten.

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