Get Wireless at SPC

Get wireless access at St. Philip's College via the Alamo_Guest WiFi network. All buildings have internal wireless access points throughout the buildings. Enjoy the outdoors and get connected as well. There are various external WiFi Hotspots around MLK and SWC. Many outdoor seating areas. Check both campuses WiFi Hotspot Map for MLK and SWC for updated locations of external wireless access points around the campus.

Get Connected.

You can connect to the Alamo_Guest network from any WiFi 802.11a/g/n/ac capable mobile device. The Alamo_Guest network allows Internet connections of wireless mobile devices to meet the academic and institutional needs of students. Alamo_Guest is an open and unencrypted network which requires you to safeguard your personal data when utilizing the WiFi network. Students and guest can access the Alamo_Guest network via any hotspot area around campus or inside any building. Use of the Alamo_Guest network and its resources are governed by the  .Alamo College Appropriate Use of Information Technology policy and procedure. Learn more about WiFi terminology and available FAQ's.

Wireless Connection.

Setting up your mobile device to connect to the Alamo_Guest network is simple. All it takes is selecting the Alamo_Guest network from your WiFi device and using your email account to login. St. Philip's College has various WiFi Hotspots throughout both campuses. The signal strength, speed, and quality will vary depending on the proximity to a WiFi Hotspot. Refer to the WiFi Hotspot Map for MLK and SWC section to locate the nearest WiFi Hotspot closest to your location on campus. To connect to the Wireless Alamo_Guest network follow these steps.

Connect your device to the Alamo_Guest Network:

  1. Go to your device’s WiFi Connectivity Manager.
  2. Select the Alamo_Guest network and wait for a “connected status”.
  3. Bring up an Internet browser and you will be prompted to input your email address in the Alamo Colleges Guest User login screen. Some devices will automatically prompt you to the login screen.
  4. Login by inputting your email address and wait for authentication.
  5. You will see “User Authenticated” once the device is connected.
  6. Select “Click here to go to original destination” to start surfing the Internet.
  7. If this fails, repeat Steps 1 and 2 to verify the device is connected to the Alamo_Guest network.

It’s that easy. To learn more about types of wireless connections or to print the instructions, visit this  WiFi Internet Connection Guide

Email us and let us know where WiFi coverage is needed around the campuses. Contact Us

Get Your Mobile Devices Charged.

Various locations around the campus have courtesy mobile charging stations and outlets. Some student lounges around the campus are equipped with courtesy charging outlets and stands where students can charge their mobile devices.

Mobile Device Safety and Security.

Your mobile device keeps you productive on-the-go and is your gateway to valuable resources. Mobile devices are also valuable targets which carry the risk of loss, damage, misplacement, or theft. To mitigate the risk and protect your valuable investment and personal data, we have provided helpful suggestions below.

  1. Password protect your device and enable auto lock. This provides the first line of defense.
  2. Choose strong passwords and pin numbers.
  3. Keep your personal devices up to date with software patches.
  4. Update your Operating System regularly.
  5. Use Antivirus protection for your computers and tablets.
  6. Report lost, stolen, or misplaced mobile devices to the police immediately.
  7. Refrain from doing personal and financial transactions on the Internet over any guest network.
  8. If you suspect identity theft or that your personal information has been compromised, immediately follow the steps provided by the Federal Trade Commission at

Contact Information


Phone: 210-486-2777 (Choose option 1 for technical support.)