St. Philip’s College Welcomes GSVOTC New Partner

November 29, 2023

SPC Marketing & Strategic Communications


The St. Philip’s College Good Samaritan Veterans Outreach & Transition Center (GSVOTC) proudly announces its newest partner from the Texas Veterans Commission, Pamela Nash.

As a Family Career Advisor for Veterans Employment Services, Nash brings a wealth of experience and a strong dedication to service, which aligns seamlessly with the mission of the college. She has four and half years of experience in the Air Force and holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Webster State University in Ogden, Utah.

Her unique set of skills, experiences, and a deep commitment to excellence enhance the college’s services to the military community. In her new role, Nash will provide a full range of employment, training, placement, and outreach services to meet the needs of active-duty military, Wounded Warriors, veterans, and their family members.

She will work closely with Veterans Employment Services Veteran Career Advisors and Military Family Employment Readiness offices as an advocate for employment and training opportunities with business, industry, and community-based organizations.

“We are very grateful to have Ms. Pamela Nash join the GSVOTC VSO partners who provide service from within the GSVOTC. She provides an invaluable service to our Veterans and their family members,” said Good Samaritan Veterans Outreach & Transition Center Director Bill Moseley.

For more information on the Good Samaritan Veterans Outreach & Transition Center and its service, click here.