Firearm Restrictions

Only Permit Holders May Carry Firearms on Campus.

Open firearm carry legislation DOES NOT apply to college facilities. The only exception is that persons licensed for concealed carry of handguns may carry where not signed as prohibited. Unlicensed campus carry of firearms is a third-degree felony. Intentional inadequate concealment by a license-holder is a Class A misdemeanor.

Pursuant to state law, the Alamo Colleges have adopted reasonable rules somewhat limiting where licensed concealed campus carry is allowed, reflected in the Prohibited Areas listed below.

Intentional violation of these prohibitions, if properly signed, is a Class A misdemeanor.

Sites Where Licensed Concealed Carry Is Prohibited

  • Board meetings 
  • Polling locations 
  • Police Department Sites and First Responders Academy
  • Childcare facilities
  • Certain occasions of alcohol service 
    • (TABC-licensed caterer responsible for determination)
  • Mental health counseling facilities (including SAC Women’s Center) 
  • Medical Clinics
  • Locations where employee discipline and termination meetings and student/disciplinary meetings, as well as all types of student and employee complaint hearings, are conduct
  • Certain areas where minors congregate
    • Scobee Planetarium
    • Facilities leased to other parties if minors congregate therein or facilities leased from others if lessor requires
    • Classrooms dedicated to minors-only programs (such as ECHS, Alamo Academies & Phoenix Middle College)
    • Summer Camps (core areas) 
  • Special testing areas where belongings must be surrendered during testing
  • All athletic facilities at all times (includes spectators as well as participants)
  • Mixed Use: Prohibit whole building or whole floor only if preponderant (excessive signage issue)
  • Campus-specific: Where prohibition is authorized in principle but the specific configuration of a campus facility makes this impractical, then that campus may seek an exception
  • District vehicles, except when an employee's college duties require otherwise
What is “Campus Carry”?

"Campus Carry" is shorthand for licensed concealed campus carry under legislation passed in 2015 and effective at 2-year institutions of higher education beginning August 1, 2017. The law permits individuals with a License to Carry (LTC) (formerly Concealed Handgun License) to carry a concealed handgun on college premises, which was formerly unlawful.

When did the new law take effect?

Campus carry for community colleges took effect on Aug. 1, 2017.

Is there a difference between campus carry and open carry?

Yes. Texas Senate Bill 11 – known as "licensed concealed campus carry" – becomes law on Aug. 1, 2017, and allows people with a handgun license to carry concealed handguns in permitted areas on community college campuses. The handguns must remain concealed.

Texas House Bill 910 – known as "open carry" – became law on Jan. 1, 2016 and made it legal for handgun license holders to carry visible firearms in the state of Texas. However, open carry does not apply at public colleges, including the Alamo Colleges District, so even with both laws in effect, even licensed individuals will not be allowed to carry visible firearms on campus.

Is "Open Carry" allowed on public college campuses?

No. Open carry will not apply to public colleges, including the colleges which comprise the Alamo Colleges District. It is illegal to openly carry on campus, including displaying a firearm in campus buildings and now, on campus streets, sidewalks, parking lots and walkways. Therefore, there is no open carry on campus. The Texas Department of Public Safety strictly states that open carry is restricted:

  • on the premises of an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education
  • on any public or private driveway, street, sidewalk or walkway, parking lot, parking garage or other parking areas of an institution of higher education or private or independent institution of higher education.
  • by an individual who is acting as a personal protection officer under Chapter 1702, Occupations Code and is not wearing a uniform.
Can anyone legally carry a concealed handgun on an Alamo Colleges District campus as of August 1, 2017?

No, Texas law authorizes concealed carry by license holders only. A person must be 21 years of age (with the exception of active duty military and police officers); meet state and federal qualifications to own a handgun; and receive CHL training, including a shooting range component, from an instructor certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety in order to obtain a license. The rules make no distinction between students, employees, guests and the general public.

Who developed the licensed concealed campus carry policy of the Alamo Colleges District?

Alamo Colleges District Chancellor Bruce Leslie appointed a campus carry working committee comprised of students, faculty members and staff members from each college in the Alamo Colleges District to supply input to him as required by the statute.

The chancellor considered Committee input and established reasonable rules and regulations pertaining to licensed concealed campus carry of handguns.

Are handguns the only type of firearm to which campus carry applies?


Are there any areas on college district property where guns are prohibited?

Yes. Here is a list of the areas by college designated as prohibited areas.

Northeast Lakeview College

  • Wellness Center
    • Entire Building
  • Police Department
  • Science
    • Rooms 209A, 208A, 208, 209
  • Student Commons
    • Rooms 222G, 227
  • Fine Arts
    • Rooms 106, 213
  • Library
    • Room 212
  • Judson Early College Academy
    • Entire Building

Northwest Vista College

  • Boardwalk
    • Room G-21 (Police Department)
  • Huisache Hall Gymnasium
    • Entire Building
  • Cypress Campus Center
    • Room 207 Testing Center only
  • Pecan Hall (Summer Camp, June-August only)
    • Entire Building
  • Live Oak Hall
    • Rooms 315A, 333, 341, 343 & 345 (laboratory preparation & storage) 

Palo Alto College

  • Dental Clinic
  • Health Clinic
    • Student Center Room 129 through 03/31/2023, thereafter Rio Grande Building rooms 140B, 140C, 140D & 140E

  • Ray Ellison Center
    • Entire Building
  • Police Department
  • Children's Library in Ozuna Library & Learning Center
    • Room 201
  • New Frontier Charter School in Portable Buildings Group 3
    • Numbers 26 - 31 & 33 - 36
  • Bathroom for New Frontier Charter School Portables
    • Entire Building
  • Health & Wellness (Counseling)
    • Student Center Room 100 through 3/31/23 thereafter Rio Grande Building rooms 132E, 132F
  • Brazos Hall Science Labs
    • Room 107
  • Frio Science Lab
    • Room 116D (storage room)
  • San Jacinto Science Labs through 5/31/23
    • Room 215 A & B
  • Rio Grande Science Lab Prep Areas from 05/31/2023
    • Solvent Storage, Room 269B
    • Chemical Storage, Room 269J
  • Veterinary Technology Science Labs
    • Entire Building
  • Brazos Hall
    • Room 101
  • Disability Support Services (DSS)
    • Palomino Center, Room 116 through 3/31/23 and thereafter Rio Grande Building, Room 133A
  • Soccer fields
  • Tennis Courts
  • Gymnasium
    • Entire Building
  • Student Share Center to include the Conduct officer/Student Advocate Office
    • Conduct Officer/Student Advocate Office Room 101

  • Sites during events of PACFest and any other large community events such as Winter Wonderland or Palomino Pumpkin Patch                                                        

San Antonio College

  • Nursing & Allied Health Center
    • Rooms 101 & 105 – Health Clinic

  • Scobee Education Center
    • Entire Building
  • Police Department Building

  • First Responders Academy

  • Candler Physical Education Center 
    • Entire Building
  • Empowerment Center
    • Entire Building
  • Early Childhood Studies Building
    • Entire Building
  • Moody Learning Center
    • MLC 532, MLC 533 and MLC 534 

  • Gonzales Hall
    • Room 203-Student Conduct Offices 
  • Nail Technical Center
    • Rooms 236C, 242 
  • Chance Academic Center
    • Rooms 339, 354 
  • Science Annex
    • Room 104 only
  • Chemistry & Geology
    • Rooms 010C, 011A, 115, 213 

  • Site of FredStock Music Fest during event

St. Philip's College: MLK Campus

  • Applied Science Building
    • Rooms 101D-H, 101L & 101R-W only (laboratory preparation & Protected Chemicals & Compressed Gasses areas)
  • Bowden Building (leased to ISD for Early College High School)
    • Entire First Floor
  • Center for Health Professions 
    • Rooms 203, 300, 302 & 321D only (Protected Chemicals & Compressed Gasses
  • Central Plant (next to Police Department Building)
    • Entire Building
  • Child Development Center
    • Entire Building
  • Continuing Education Building (leased to ISD for Early College High School)
    • Entire Building
  • Davis Science Building
    • Rooms 217, 220, 220A, 315A, 316, 317, 318, 327A & B & cylinder closet only (Protected Chemicals & Compressed Gasses)
    • Rooms 218 & 323 (classrooms dedicated to minors only, Early College High School)
  • Facilities building
    • Room 100 only (Protected Chemicals)
  • Good Samaritan Veteran’s Outreach and Training Center
    • Rooms 207 (testing area) & 212 (mental health counseling) only 
  • Grounds Building (Protected Chemicals & Compressed Gasses)
    • Entire Building
  • Health & Fitness Center & Tennis Courts
    • Entire Facility
  • Learning & Leadership Development Center (Summer Camp, June-August only)
  • Police Department Building
    • Entire Building
  • Portable Buildings #21-23 (leased to ISD for Early College High School)
  • Sutton Learning Center
    • Rooms 102 G & H only (Protected Chemicals & Compressed Gasses)
    • Room 102J
    • Room 102L only (employee & student discipline)
  • Welcome Center
    • Rooms 207A, 207B & 207C only (lockered testing areas)

  • Site of Culture Fest during event

St. Philip’s College: SW Campus

  • Industrial Technology Center (Bldg 1) 
    • Rooms C-132-140 (Phoenix Middle College classrooms) 
    • Rooms A-166, B-101, C-160, C-163, D-122 & D-129 (Protected Chemicals & Compressed Gasses) 
    • Room A-202 (Testing Area) 
    • Room D-100 (Police Department)
    • Room A-135 (Mental Health Counseling)
    • All of Sections C & D (SAMSA, June-August only) 
  • Aircraft Technology Center (Bldg 2)
    • Room 105G
    • Multi-Disciplinary Instructional Center (Bldg 3)
    • Rooms 101, 103, 215, 217 & 219 (LULAC-NESC Upward Bound, June-August only)
  • Diesel Technology Center (Bldg 6)
    • Rooms 100, 102 & 106 (Protected Chemicals & Compressed Gasses)
  • Diesel Technology Lab (Bldg 7)
    • Entire Building (Protected Chemicals & Compressed Gasses)

Alamo Colleges District Offices (DSO) 

  • Houston Street
    • Police Department Building
  • Killen Center
    • Room C-126-127 (Police Department Badge & Dispatch)
    • Boardroom (Board meetings only)
    • Facilities
  • Community Events: College Presidents/Chancellor may temporarily prohibit at the site of and for the duration of community events sponsored by College/College District, including, without limitation, Fiesta events.
  • Kerrville Regional Center (facility leased from ISD where minors congregate & lessor requires)

  • Pat Booker Road
    • Police Department
Could Alamo Colleges District have opted out of the licensed concealed campus carry law?

No. Every public college and university in Texas must allow licensed concealed campus carry by law. Only private institutions of higher education have the right to “opt out” of licensed concealed campus carry.

Does a police officer have the right to disarm handgun license holders?

Yes. If a police officer reasonably believes a safety risk exists or has other probable cause to do so, he or she may disarm you. The concealed license holder should be courteous and non-confrontational and follow the police officer's directions.

Is Texas the only state that has legislated licensed concealed campus carry laws for public institutions of higher education?

No. Texas is one of eight states with licensed concealed campus carry laws, joining Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Oregon, Utah and Wisconsin.

Will I be able to find out which students have a concealed handgun in my class?

The colleges in the Alamo Colleges District will not track or keep a list of college LTC holders. Individuals holding a valid LTC are not required to disclose their status. The only exception to this rule is if police ask about concealed carry status for law enforcement purposes. License holders are required to inform the police, if questioned, if they are carrying a handgun. Importantly, if asked by someone other than a police officer, students, faculty, and staff cannot be retaliated against in any way for failure to answer the question or for answering in the affirmative or negative. In no way should faculty, staff, and students be pressured or coerced into divulging their campus carry/LTC status.

What should I do if I see someone with a firearm on campus?

If you see a person openly carrying or deliberately displaying a firearm on campus, call ACPD by dialing 485-0911. They will respond appropriately. Do NOT approach the person.  An openly displayed handgun likely reflects ignorance of the law applicable to colleges but could also be an active shooter situation.


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