Your Voice. Your Choice. Your Power to Empower.

Hi there, Alamo Heroes and She-roes! We know you have superpowers—you show them off everyday.  Now’s the time of year when you can really put those powers in to high gear.  And the best part?  Your friendly neighborhood superpowers make a difference locally!

Help us continue to EMPOWER our students and community by making a pledge through the annual employee giving campaign.  Your gift will go a long way in improving a life right here in San Antonio and Bexar County.

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Employees FAQs

I have a cash/check donation – what should I do with it? Is there a specific form?

If you’re located at a college, contact your college contact person(s) for the Employee Giving Back Campaign. If you’re unsure who that is at your college, or if you’re a DSO employee call Alamo Colleges Foundation office at (210) 485-0044. Richard Farias or Mya Thomas will be happy to assist you! There is a specific pledge form you should use for the campaign.

When will my cash/check/credit card gift be processed?

Gifts made via cash, check, or credit card are one-time gifts and are processed immediately.  There may be a processing lag of several days for checks, but they will be processed as quickly as possible.

When will my payroll deduction pledge be processed? Are payroll deductions pre-tax or after-tax?

Gifts made via payroll deduction are processed starting with the employee’s first paycheck in January 2020. You may select anywhere between 1-24 pay periods for payroll deduction. Be advised that the deductions are made in order of overall pay periods, so if you select 12 pay periods, it will be the first 12 pay periods (January-June), not one deduction per month.

Deductions are after-tax, as federal law does not allow for charitable donations through payroll deduction to be done pre-tax.

May I hold a raffle or solicit for door prizes for donations?

To comply with IRS and state gaming regulations, Alamo Colleges Foundation will not accept funds raised through games of chance (i.e., raffles), nor can the Alamo Colleges Foundation 501 (c)(3) certificate be used to solicit for door prizes.

May I solicit Alamo Colleges District employees for donations to my personal charity interest?

No, because there are state regulations of when and how employees may be solicited. As a district resource, email blasts are prohibited. Additionally, Board of Trustees Procedure D.2.4.2 Conflict of Interest also prohibits an employee from using District property, time, personnel, etc. for personal gain.
Note: Each year, Alamo Colleges Foundation submits a minute order to the Board of Trustees asking for approval to opt out of the State Employees Campaign in order to hold our own Employee Giving Campaign.

May I solicit non-employees for a gift through the Employee Giving Campaign?

The Employee Giving Campaign is typically only for employees, but some exceptions can be made based upon the donor’s affiliation with the college district.  Also, anyone can make a gift to a scholarship fund or program fund at the Alamo Colleges Foundation.  For information and guidance, please contact Richard Farias, Director of Annual Giving, at or 210-485-0221.