Alamo College District Retirees Association

Alamo Colleges District Retirees Association


About Us

This association was established to provide an opportunity for those who served and retired from the District at any level to remain in touch with their professional colleagues and/or associates.

Additionally, it allows retirees and others interested in education to maintain a connection to the Alamo Colleges District and its colleges, and to provide support to this important community resource as they see fit.

The mission or purpose of the ACD Retirees Association is to elevate the status of District retired employees and to afford opportunities for unified action in solving problems relative to the needs of said retired employees.

What We Do

The ACCD Retirees Association hosts two social events each year: 1) a Holiday Luncheon in December, and 2) a Spring Picnic in May.

The Association also holds special meetings of the membership, as needed, to fulfill its purpose.

How to Join

An Individual wishing to join the Association need only click this link to download an application form. (There are two types of membership—Active for ACCD Retirees, Associate/Non-voting for friends.)

Once completed, mail the form and $5 (annual dues) to:

Bob Hale, Association Treasurer
10135 Windburn Trail
Converse, TX 78109-1707

Contact Us

Bob Zeigler

Association President


Bob Hale

Association Treasurer


Want to Join?

Complete the Membership Form (PDF)