Alamo Colleges Foundation Honored With 2023 Nonprofit Award

December 14, 2023

District Communcations

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This year, the Alamo Colleges Foundation will reach an unprecedented philanthropic milestone, raising an anticipated total of $8 million in community-based support. This figure sets a record and reaffirms our steadfast commitment to the district’s mission of empowering students for success. This achievement reflects the Alamo Colleges Foundation’s dedication and the generous support of donors and partners in the community.

"We are thrilled to share this momentous news,” said Barton T. Simpson, Executive Director of the Alamo Colleges Foundation. “The Alamo Colleges Foundation has reached new heights in philanthropy, and this success reinforces our commitment to providing accessible and quality education for all.” 

Last month, the Alamo Colleges Foundation received a 2023 Nonprofit Award from the San Antonio Business Journal, which underscores its mission to champion education and effect transformative change in students' lives. With its annual Nonprofit and Corporate Philanthropy Awards program, the San Antonio Business Journal recognizes the steady spirit of generosity throughout our community.

The Alamo Colleges Foundation extends its deepest gratitude to all supporters who have played an integral role in both achievements. The generosity of donors, the dedication of volunteers, faculty, staff, and the collaborative spirit of our community have collectively fueled this extraordinary success.

Looking ahead, the Alamo Colleges Foundation remains steadfast in its pursuit of educational excellence, ensuring students have the resources and support to achieve their academic and career goals.

"While we are honored to be the recipient of so much generosity in 2023, additional philanthropic support will be critical moving forward to sustain key initiatives like AlamoPROMISE and student advocacy programs which help our students succeed,” added Mr. Simpson.

Other Alamo Colleges Foundation’s Key Highlights:

  • By raising over $15 million to support the AlamoPROMISE initiative, the Alamo Colleges Foundation is significantly increasing access to higher education and workforce training for eligible students.

  • Additionally, the Alamo Colleges Foundation annually awards $2 million in scholarships to approximately 2,000 students enrolled at one of the five Alamo Colleges.

  • The remarkable growth of the Alamo Colleges Foundation's net assets from $18 million in 2013 to $74 million as of December 2023 is a testament to its resilience and effective financial management. 

About the Alamo Colleges Foundation

The Alamo Colleges Foundation is dedicated to supporting the educational mission of the Alamo Colleges District by securing and providing resources to enhance the college experience for students. Through its philanthropic efforts, the Foundation’s mission is to develop the resources to empower for success the diverse students and communities served by each of the Alamo Colleges. Our vision is to award a scholarship to every student who applies and is eligible.

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