Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Fine & Performing Arts
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: NVC

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About the Program

This program is designed for students who intend to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree but may also be applied to a Bachelor of Arts or other baccalaureate-level music degrees. Coursework consists of a field of study courses that transfer to four-year institutions.

Northwest Vista's ensembles offer a variety of performing opportunities for students of all concentrations. Our groups provide an excellent way to become involved in college life and to meet students with similar interests. The ensembles, which include Jazz Ensemble, Instrumental Chamber Ensemble, and Concert Choir, perform at least one evening concert per semester on campus, and give students practical experience with a variety of the world's musical idioms. All students are welcomed.

What will I learn?

You will learn basic skills that will improve your overall musicianship. You will take courses in Music theory, aural skills, sight reading, piano, music literature and private study on your principal instrument.

What can I do with this course of study?

This program will prepare you to transfer to a four-year, baccalaureate music program. Areas of study include: Performance, Music Education, Music Industry Studies, Music Marketing, Music Therapy, Composition, Theory, and Musicology.

What is special about this program?

The courses are part of a complete course of study in music. The training is rigorous but personalized to suit each student's needs.


Music Start Guide

Available Courses:

Course Descriptions

MUEN 1122 - Jazz Ensemble

MUEN 1132 - Instrumental Chamber Ensemble

MUEN 1141 - Concert Choir

MUSI 1116 - Elementary Ear Training and Sight Singing

MUSI 1117 - Elementary Ear Training and Sight Singing II

MUSI 1181 - Piano Class I

MUSI 1182 - Piano Class II

MUSI 1183 - Voice Class I

MUSI 1188 - Percussion Class I

MUSI 1192 - Guitar Class I

MUSI 1303 - Fundamentals of Music

MUSI 1306 - Music Appreciation

MUSI 1307 - Music Literature

MUSI 1310 - American Music

MUSI 1311 - Music Theory I

MUSI 1312 - Music Theory II

MUSI 2116 - Advanced Ear Training and Sight Singing I

MUSI 2117 - Advanced Ear Training and Sight Singing II

MUSI 2181 - Piano Class III

MUSI 2311 - Music Theory III

MUSI 2312 - Music Theory IV

MUSC 2333 - Scoring for Video and Film

Private Lessons MUAP

MUAP 1201 - Violin

MUAP 1205 - Viola

MUAP 1209 - Violoncello

MUAP 1213 - Double Bass

MUAP 1215 - Electric Bass

MUAP 1217 - Flute

MUAP 1221 - Oboe

MUAP 1225 - Bassoon

MUAP 1229 - Clarinet

MUAP 1233 - Saxophone

MUAP 1237 - Trumpet / Cornet

MUAP 1241 - French Horn

MUAP 1245 - Trombone

MUAP 1249 - Baritone / Euphonium

MUAP 1253 - Tuba

MUAP 1257 - Percussion

MUAP 1261 - Guitar

MUAP 1269 - Piano

MUAP 1281 - Voice

MUAP 1285 - Private Improvisation

Full Time Faculty

Daniel Smith - Coordinator
Location: PCA-105i
Phone: 210-486- 4818

Dr. Minkyung Lee - Voice, College Choir, Aural Skills
Location: PCA-105j
Phone: 210-486-4828

Dr. Aaron Prado - Music Theory, Aural Skills Jazz Studies
Location: PCA-105i
Phone: 210-486-4819


Part Time Faculty

Berk Agar - Guitar, Music Appreciation

John Beard - Music Appreciation, Violin, Viola

Jason Buckingham - Brass

Mark Camann - Piano Class I, II, III and IV, Private Piano, Music Appreciation

John Godoy - Instrumental Chamber Ensemble, Music Appreciation, American Music, Percussion

Karen McCarty - Music Appreciation

Jorge Padilla - American Music, Percussion



Klarissa Rizo - Admin. Specialist
Location: PCA-105
Phone: 210-486-4374

Rachael M. Bower - Academic Chair
Location: PCA-105C
Phone: 210-486-4761