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21ALAMO (210-212-5266)
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 President & College Support 
President Ric Baser  
  Director of Strategic Initiatives
Janie Scott  
  Executive Assistant to the President Vacant
  Administrative Assistant to the President Minerva Muñiz  
Marketing & Strategic Communications - Director Renata Serafin  
  Fax: 210-486-9020 
  Manager Melissa Monroe Young  
  Strategic Communications Coordinator Lisa McDaniel  
  Digital Communications Coordinator Shawn Harward  
  Visual Content Creator Paul Vallejo  
Community Collaborations - Director Lisa McGoldrick   
  Administrative Services Specialist Alice Martinez  
  Alumni & Research Specialist Vacant  
  Interim Scholarship Coordinator Vacant  
College & Grants Development - Director Judy Camargo  
 College Services
Vice President for College Services Erin Sherman    
  Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Nancy Guevara  
  College Events Coordinator Rey Cardenas  
College Services - Director Laura Alvarez  
  College Services Coordinator Vacant  
  College Services Coordinator Steven Kolnes  
 College Budget Officer
Steve Hale  
  College Service Purchasing Coordinator Vacant  
Information & Communication Technologies - Director Felix Salinas  
  Fax: 210-486-9007  Help Desk: 210-486-4777
  Administrative Services Specialist Veronica Gonzalez  
Coordinator of College Technology Tyrell Schwab  
Technical Support Supervisor Ana Escamilla  
Technical Services Manager Fred Zapata
  Information Systems Specialist Larry J. Trejo  
  Information Systems Specialist Thad Kochan  
  Information Systems Specialist Vacant  
  Help Desk Specialist David Ardin
 Network Specialist Lee White  
  Information Systems Specialist Albert Charles  
  Information Systems Specialist Blaine Willis  
Client Support Specialist Cynthia Rosas  
  IT Digital Media Specialist Malcolm Higgins  
Technology Support Supervisor Jose Olivares  
  Information Systems Specialist Chadwick Cardenas  
  Computer Lab Tech I Walker Hobbs  
Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness - Director Eliza Hernandez  
  IT Data Analyst Petra Ortega
  Coordinator of Measurement and Evaluation Vacant  
Quality Enhancement Plan - Director (Interim) Barbara Guerra  
  QEP Assessment Coordinator Barbara Guerra  
College Risk Management - Coordinator Garvin Dansby    
District Services Human Resources
  HR Benefits Coordinator Christina G. Cano
  HR Business Partner Stacey L. Blum  
District Services Facilities - Superintendent Joey Dinscore  
  Work Control II Renee Castro
  Project Coordinator Vacant  
  Master HVAC Robert Alvarez  
  Master HVAC Foreman Robert Arredondo  
  Grounds Foremen Christopher Bailey  
  Senior Maintenance Mechanic Abel Cantu  
  Journeyman Electrician Lloyd Crenwelge  
  Senior Maintenance Mechanic Victor Garcia  
  Painter II Heginio Mares  
  Painter II Richard Martinez  
  General Housekeeping Foreman Isabel Lopez  
  Facilities Building Foreman
Anthony Quintanilla  
  Master Plumber Julian Rodriguez  
  General Maintenance Caesar S. Ver  
 Student Success
Vice President for Student Success Debi Gaitan  
  Student Conduct Associate Director Elladean Moreno  
  Senior Coordinator Glo Jimenez  
  Assistant to the Vice President Bethany Castillo  
  Student Contact Center   21ALAMO (210-212-5266)  
Student Advocacy and Resource Center    
  Director of Student Advocacy Center Lisa Black  
  Advocacy Center Contact
  210-486-4357 (HELP)
  Student Care Advocacy
Baldemar Garcia
  Sr. Coordinator
Eva Fernandez
  Sr. Specialist
Jessica Mallari-Holguin
  Case Assistance Navigator
Paul Mata  
  Specialist Vacant  
  Personal Counselor Adriana Cantu  
  Personal Counselor Vacant  
Academic Advising and Enrollment  Services (Recruitment, Admissions, New Student Orientation, Advising, Records and Residency)
Dean for Student Success   Robin Lund   
  Administrative Support Specialist Amanda Garcia
Advising Services    
  Director of Advising Services Christina Brown  
  Advising Services Call Center
  Data Analyst Cherie Burnside  
  Senior Coordinator Elizabeth Ceballos  
Academic Standards Team - Advising Team Leader Angela Cavazos-Barajas  
  Advising Team Support Specialist Vacant  
  Certified Advisor Gilda Abrego  
  Certified Advisor Adriana Alcala  
  Certified Advisor Anna Castorena  
  Certified Advisor Paula Gavin  
  Certified Advisor Sandra Lopez  
  Certified Advisor Angelita Riojas  
  Certified Advisor Isaac Slazar  
  Certified Advisor Monica Saldana  
  Certified Advisor Francisco Saucedo, Jr.  
Career & Transfer Services - Advising Team Leader Doreen Abrams  
  Advising Team Support Specialist Vacant  
  Certified Advisor Paul Hernandez  
  Certified Advisor Emilia Cazares  
  Certified Advisor Shakyra Haas  
  Certified Advisor Stephanie Maldonado  
  Certified Advisor Katherine Ortiz  
  Certified Advisor Monica Rodriquez  
  Certified Advisor Jasmine Saldaña  
Degree Completion - Advising Team Leader Randall Garza  
  Certified Advisor Debra Hinojosa  
  Certified Advisor Orlando Castaneda  
  Certified Advisor Jose Ortiz  
  Certified Advisor Joe Riojas III  
  Certified Advisor Alyssa Trevino  
  Certified Advisor Sara Trim  
First Year Experience / Readiness - Advising Team Leader Marie Valdez  
  Advising Team Support Specialist Vacant  
  Certified Advisor Rosalinda Castillo-Flores  
  Certified Advisor Vacant  
  Certified Advisor Richelle Gilsdorf  
  Certified Advisor Melissa Moya  
  Certified Advisor Vacant  
  Certified Advisor Vacant  
Special Populations - Advising Team Leader Diana Garcia  
  Advising Team Support Specialist Graciela Sanchez  
  Certified Advisor Michelle Cano  
  Certified Advisor JoDee Cortez  
  Certified Advisor Elisabeth Jones  
  Certified Advisor Corena Nash  
  Certified Advisor Terrance Parker  
  Certified Advisor Valerie Sommerville  
  Certified Advisor Lori Villarreal  
  Certified Advisor Robert Villarreal Jr.  
Enrollment Services 
Director of Enrollment Services Yolanda Reyes-Guevara  
  Special Projects: Recruitment, Outreach, College Connection, AlamoPROMISE    
  Senior Coordinator Luz Hernandez  
  Special Projects: New Student Orientation, Admissions, On-campus events    
  Coordinator Steven Rocha  
Records and Residency     
  Associate Director Yvonne Guerra  
  Records and residency Contact Number   210-21-ALAMO (210-212-5266)
  Coordinator of Enrollment Jonathon Gonzales  
  Senior Specialist-Records and Residency Linda Garcia  
  Senior Specialist-Records and Residency Syeda Farooq  
  Senior Specialist-Records and Residency Sabrina D. Sanchez  
  Senior Specialist-Records and Residency Amanda Salinas  
  Senior Specialist-Records and Residency Vacant  
  Senior Specialist-Degree Completion Robert Bridgeford  
  Senior Specialist-Degree Completion Terry Bell  
Recruitment - Senior Coordinator Luz Hernandez  
New Student Orientation - Coordinator Steven Rocha  
Assessment and Testing     
  Associate Director-Student Success Abel Ruiz  
  Testing Contact Number   210-486-4346
George Gomez
  Advisor Elena Monsivais  
  Advisor Alison Ortiz
  Advisor Joseph Vara  
Vista Central Welcome and Admissions
Enrollment Coach Team Leader
Cindy Zamudio  
  Admissions Contact Number   210-21-ALAMO (210-212-5266)
  Enrollment Team Support Specialist Jordyn Biesenbach  
  Enrollment Team Support Specialist Danielle Council   
  Enrollment Team Support Specialist Darrick Kimble  
  Certified Advisor Vacant  
  Certified Advisor
  Certified Advisor
Virginia Mares  
  Certified Enrollment Coach Abigail Garcia  
  Certified Enrollment Coach
Necola Glaze  
  Certified Enrollment Coach Lorenzo Lopez  
  Certified Enrollment Coach Elizabeth Murray  
  Certified Enrollment Coach Shirley Pena  
  Certified Enrollment Coach Valerie Acosta  
  Certified Enrollment Coach Delilah Salazar  
Student Engagement, Development and Wellness (Veterans Affairs, Access, Counseling, Student Development and Student Life) 
Dean for Student Success Jennifer Comedy-Holmes  
  Administrative Support Specialist Amanda Garcia  
Career and Experiential Learning Team     
  Team Lead Abreetta Bonner  
  Certified Career Experience Navigator George Brown  
  Certified Career Experience Navigator Kari McKay  
Disability Support Services (Access)     
  Senior Coordinator Sharon Dresser  
  Main Disability Contact 210-486-4466
  Certified Advisor JoDee Cortez  
Student Development (SDEV)    
  Director-Student Success Gary Bowling  
  Main SDEV Contact  
  Academic Support Specialist Mallory Plummer  
  Faculty Adrianna Sherman  
  Faculty Steven Rodriguez  
  Senior Specialist Gabriella Tapia  
  Senior Specialist Heaven Trevino  
Student Life    
  Director-Student Success Marie Morgan  
  Main Student Life Contact 210-486-4005
  Administrative Services Specialist Kim Pinder  
  Activities - Coordinator Kelly Blanco  
  Senior Coordinator Daniel Johnson  
  Senior Specialist Vacant  
  Senior Specialist Stephanie Sonneman  
Veterans Affairs     
  Senior Coordinator Betty Cunningham  
  Main Veterans Center Contact 210-486-4417
  Senior Specialist Hilary Hilario  
  Senior Specialist Stacia Gallegos  
  Senior Specialist Vada Garza  
  Student Success Specialist S. Gerardo Torres  
  Certified Advisor Corena Nash  
  Certified Advisor Terrance Parker  
  Certified Advisor Valerie Sommerville  
  Certified Advisor Robert Villarreal Jr.  
Business Office - Assistant Bursar Patricia Sanchez  
  Accounts Receivable Assistant Liz Correa  
  Accounting Clerk Rosita Martinez  
  Accounting Clerk Robyn Guzman  
  Accounting Clerk Moriah Moreno  
Financial Aid - Associate Director Rosalinda Encina  
 Financial Aid Fax: 210-486-9106
  Financial Aid Advisor Eva Gaitan  
  Financial Aid Advisor Azalea Ramirez  
  Financial Aid Specialist Michelle Aldana  
  Financial Aid Specialist Barbara Arevalos  
Vice President for Academic Success Daniel Powell  
  Administrative Assistant to the Vice President Barbara Rodriguez
  Academic Support Specialist Alicia Baltazar  
  Academic Support Specialist Yalitza Guerra
Dean for Academic Success Russell Frohardt  
Computer Sciences and Technology - Chair John Grillo  
  Administrative Services Specialist Emily Coppin  
  Coordinator of Occupational Programs Rita Perez  
  Client Support Alan Garner  
  3D Animation Program Coordinator Billy Vanderburg  
  Accounting Faculty Robert McWhorter  
  Accounting/Business Faculty Ralph Mendez  
  Customer Service/Sales Operations Program Coordinator Andrea Scheri  
  Community Health Program Coordinator Fernando Martinez  
  Community Health Program Faculty Guadalupe Cornejo  
  Clinical Research Program Coordinator Heather McCreery  
  Digital Media Program Coordinator Susan Escobar  
  Digital Media Program Faculty Viviane Marioneaux-Maguire  
  Digital Video & Cinema Production Program Coordinator Tom Taylor  
  Digital Video & Cinema Production Faculty Ron Wojnar  
  GAME Development & Comp Programming Program Coordinator Vicky Sertich  
  Information Security and Assurance Program Coordinator Alan Rynarzewski  
  Nanoengineering and Nanotechnology Program Coordinator Jason Giuliani  
  Nanoengineering and Nanotechnology Faculty Vacant  
  Network Administrator Program Coordinator Bobby Yeater  
  Network and Cloud Architecture, Program Coordinator John Grillo  
  Personal Fitness Trainer Program Coordinator Teresa Dimas  
  Pharmacy Technology Program Coordinator Marlena Lomas-Moreno  
  Water Resource Science Program Coordinator Howard Marquise  
Mathematics and Engineering - Chair Qiaoying Zhou  
  Administrative Services Specialist Christan Martinez  
  Engineering Faculty/Coordinator Thomas Pressly  
  Mathematics Faculty/Coordinator Hector Trevino  
  Mathematics Faculty Wesley Anderson  
  Mathematics Faculty Eddie Bishop  
  Mathematics Faculty Kelli Bradshaw  
  Mathematics Faculty Amy Collins Montalbano  
  Mathematics Faculty Robert DiGiovanni  
  Mathematics Faculty Mana Escobar  
  Mathematics Faculty Dennis Gittinger  
  Mathematics Faculty Steven Gonzales  
  Mathematics Faculty Javier Guerra  
  Mathematics Faculty Michael Gurwitz  
  Mathematics Faculty Anna Harwin  
  Mathematics Faculty Heidi Hunt  
  Mathematics Faculty Jerry Koch  
  Mathematics Faculty Brooke Lee  
  Mathematics Faculty Ellen Manchester  
  Mathematics Faculty Amanda Bartonek  
  Mathematics Faculty Julie Pace  
  Mathematics Faculty Mat Roy  
  Mathematics Faculty Yvette Uresti  
  Mathematics Faculty Claudia Verdin  
  Mathematics Faculty Christy Babu  
  Mathematics Faculty Mary Zocchi  
  Mathematics Faculty Christa Emig  
  Mathematics Faculty Robert Carrillo  
  Mathematics Faculty Greg Ward  
Math Advocacy Center
  Academic Program Specialist Jesse Harbert  
Math Lab for Cooperative Learning
  Academic Program Specialist Debbie Rosenthal  
Natural & Physical Sciences - Chair Cindy Magruder  
  Administrative Services Specialist Erica F. Arcos  
  Academic Program Coordinator Sylvia Lopez De la Garza  
  Academic Lab Tech Jeanette Robles  
  Academic Lab Tech Jewel Graw  
  Biology Faculty/Coordinator Eric Madrid  
  Biology Faculty Andrea Anderson  
  Biology Faculty J.L. Egremy  
  Biology Faculty Roberto Gonzales  
  Biology Faculty Jo Ann Gonzalez  
  Biology Faculty Leticia Guerrero  
  Biology Faculty Chris Harrison  
  Biology Faculty Adam Reeves  
  Biology Faculty Brian Stout  
  Biology Faculty Yael Edrey  
  Biology Faculty Nadia Bakdash  
  Biology Faculty Richard Chamblin  
  Biology Faculty Lori Nicholas  
  Biology Faculty Sharon Kwee  
  Biology Faculty Vacant  
  Chemistry Faculty/Coordinator Jacob Crandall  
  Chemistry Faculty David Casanova  
  Chemistry Faculty Simon van Dijk  
  Chemistry Faculty Roopa Prasad  
  Chemistry Faculty Prakash Nair  
  Chemistry Faculty Aleksandra Zapata  
  Geology Faculty/Coordinator Dustin Smyth  
  Geology Faculty Nick DeLillo  
  Physics Faculty/Coordinator Marc Keltner  
  Physics Faculty Josh Alquiza  
  Physics Faculty Melaku Bogale  
Title V Project Math Paths - Project Director Vacant  
  Admin. Support/Academic Program Specialist  Vacant  
 Title V Community Math Project - Director Lucy Gauna  
  Administrative Support Thomas Devon Lutzenberger  
Dean for Academic Success Robert Ayala  
English and Reading - Chair Sabrina J. Carey  
  Administrative Services Specialist Jacqualyn Tocchi-Wallpe  
  English Faculty Britt Benshetler  
  English Faculty Suzi Bravo  
  English Faculty Cluster Byars  
  English Faculty Michael Gardin  
  English Faculty  Anival Gonzalez  
  English Faculty Barbara Griest-Devora  
  English Faculty Ignacio Magaloni  
  English Faculty Kristina McKinney  
  English Faculty Fiona McWilliam  
  English Faculty Tony Montalbano  
  English Faculty Julie Moore-Felux  
  English Faculty/Coordinator V. June Pedraza  
  English Faculty Denise Tolan  
  English Faculty Natalia Trevino  
  English Faculty Arturo Vasquez  
  English Faculty Michael Ward  
  English Faculty Melinda Zepeda  
  Reading Faculty Valerie Gomez  
  Reading Faculty Vicki Lynton  
Centers for Academic Reading and English (CARES) 
  Supplemental Instruction for INRW - Coordinator Caroline Kuyumcuoglu  
  Academic Program Specialist for INRW Vacant  
  College Level Writing Center - Coordinator John Schulze  
  Writing Across Curriculum Lab - Coordinator Vacant  
Fine and Performing Arts - Chair Karla Ellis  
  Administrative Services Specialist Klarissa Rizo  
  Technical Director Todd Deaver  
  Auditorium Manager Daniel Mitchell
  Academic Lab Technician Ty Mylnar  
  Art Faculty/Coordinator Diana Kersey  
  Art Faculty Rachael Bower  
  Art Faculty Esteban Delgado  
  Art Faculty Tim Jones  
  Art Faculty Jimena Marin  
  Art Faculty Paul Northway  
  Art Faculty Jack Robbins  
  Dance Faculty/Coordinator Jayne King  
  Dance Faculty Brittany Lopez  
  Drama Faculty/Coordinator Mellissa Marlowe  
  Drama Faculty Tim Hedgepeth  
  Department Coordinator of Kinesiology/PE Joe Dimas  
  Kinesiology/PE Faculty Travis Prok  
  Kinesiology/PE Faculty Kevin Wiley  
  Music Faculty/Coordinator Daniel Smith  
  Music Faculty Katharine Cartwright  
  Music Faculty Minkyung Lee  
  Music Faculty Aaron Prado  
Humanities and Government - Chair
Kimberly McClurg  
  Humanities Department Email  
  Administrative Services Specialist Karina Ramirez  
  Government Faculty Dana Angello  
  Government Faculty Debra Cardona  
  Government Faculty Pam Dunagan  
  Government Faculty Homer Guevara Jr.  
  Government Faculty Robert Marbut  
  Government Faculty Joan Mendoza  
  Government Faculty/Coordinator Chad Mueller  
  Government Faculty
Jalal Nejad  
  Government Faculty Jessika Stokley  
  Government Faculty Robert Williamson  
  History Faculty Carlos Acosta  
  History Faculty Sarah Ball  
  History Faculty Cathy Briggs  
  History Faculty Gloria Toni Canestaro  
  History Faculty Vacant  
  History Faculty/Coordinator David Galindo  
  History Faculty Corina Gonzalez-Stout  
  History Faculty Paul Martinez  
  History Faculty James Puente  
  Humanities Faculty Neil Lewis  
  Humanities Faculty/Coordinator Craig Coroneos  
  Mexican American Studies Faculty/ Coordinator Sandra Garza  
  Philosophy Faculty/Coordinator George Gittinger  
  Philosophy Faculty Charles Hinkley  
  Philosophy Faculty Jonathan Rosenberg  
  Philosophy Faculty Nakia Pope  
  World Languages/Coordinator Carla Greszler-Gomez  
  Spanish Faculty Pilar Damron  
Social Sciences - Chair Trina Cowan  
  Administrative Services Specialist Nakotah Terburg  
  Anthropology Faculty/Coordinator
Adam Aguirre  
  Anthropology Faculty Kimberly Linsenbardt  
  Criminal Justice Faculty/Coordinator Steve Philbrick  
  Mass Communications Faculty/Coordinator Tim Molina  
  Economics Faculty Kimberly Beza  
  Economics Faculty/Coordinator
Mike Munoz Jr.  
  Economics Faculty Cristina Pandaru  
  Economics Faculty Rolando Sanchez  
  Education Faculty Diana Bradford  
  Education Faculty/Coordinator Elsa O'Campo  
  Geography Faculty/Coordinator Scott Walker  
  Geography Faculty Charles Yeager  
  Psychology Faculty Anna Marie Evans  
  Psychology Faculty Jennifer Fox  
  Psychology Faculty Amanda Squires  
  Psychology Faculty/Coordinator Don Lucas  
  Psychology Faculty Catherine Phillips  
  Psychology Faculty Liz Wright  
  Sociology Faculty/Coordinator Haetham Abdul-Razaq  
  Sociology Faculty Kara Paige  
  Speech Faculty Amy Burton  
  Speech Faculty Edgar Garza  
  Speech Faculty Elaine Jansky  
  Speech Faculty/Coordinator Steven Montemayor  
  Speech Faculty
Karin Wilking  
  Speech Faculty Lydia Yznaga  
Speech Tutoring Lab 
  Speech Lab Coordinator Elaine Jansky  
  Speech Faculty Steven Montemayor  
Dean for Academic Success Patrick Fontenot  
English as a Second Language (ESL) 
  ESL - Program Manager Adriana Rodriguez-Almada  
  ESL - Program Coordinator Josie Gonzales  
Science, Engineering & Workforce Student Centers
  Academic Program Coordinator Richard Crabb  
  Academic Program Specialist Laura Quintanilla  
Teaching with Technology - Director Laura Lawrence  
  Teaching with Technology Main Line    
  Academic Program Specialist Vacant  
  Academic Program Coordinator Adela Gonzales  
Learning Resource Center (Library) - Director Norma Velez-Vendrell 210-486-4516
  Administrative Services Specialist Elizabeth Aguilar 210-486-4578
  Public Service Librarian Rosemarie Rodriguez 210-486-4507
  Public Services Librarian Amanda Gorrell 210-486-4508
  Public Services Librarian Renata Gibson 210-486-4509
  Public Services Librarian Camille Fiorillo 210-486-4513
  Circulation Supervisor Vacant 210-486-4579
  Faculty Nancy Kaida 210-486-4571
  Faculty Linda Reeves 210-486-4569
  Library Assistant III Veronica I. Buendia 210-486-4557
  Multimedia Specialist, Senior Michael Raso 210-486-4574
Dual Credit - Director HS Programs Julie Boerm  
  Dual Credit Main Line    
  Administrative Services Specialist Mary Esther Cortez  
  Senior Advisor Student Success Victoria Martinez    
  Senior Specialist - Student Success Corina Garcia  
CE Program Manager Yvonne Haynes  
  Administrative Services Specialist Amparo Polendo  
Community Education - Program Manager Vacant  
  Administrative Services Specialist Vacant  
Community Engagement - Coordinator of Service Learning
Migdalia Garcia