You can make a difference at Northwest Vista College

When you give to NVC, you give back to your community. Together we can enrich the lives of local students through new academic programs, scholarships and facilities.

Our graduates help shape the future of San Antonio and are the driving force behind the next generation of successful professionals. Now with your support, we can continue helping students bloom into responsible community leaders.

We appreciate you

We thank you for your interest in supporting Northwest Vista College and invite you to join us in Creating Opportunities for Success.

How to Give

How can you make a donation?


If you prefer to make a donation by telephone, we will be happy to help you. 
For assistance, please call the Director of Community Collabaration at 252-626-3361.


You may give to NVC online by going to the Alamo Colleges (District) Foundation Give to NVC webpage.

You may choose to donate to the NVC General Scholarship Fund or the NVC Use Where Needed Most Fund. You may also write in the name of the fund to which you would like to contribute. Note: the designation for Annual Fund will enable you to contribute to the Alamo Colleges Foundation, rather than NVC.

Ways to Give

Which gifts really make a difference? Any of these that are listed below:

Direct Gifts

Direct (cash) gifts may be made as single-payment donations or pledged and paid over a designated period of time.  You will find information on options for making a direct gift to NVC at How to Give. 

NVC employees may contribute annually to the Alamo Colleges District Employees Giving Back Campaign. Donors may support NVC scholarships and programs through the Alamo Colleges (District) Foundation as well as agencies of the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County and arts and cultural organizations of theFund.

Pledged Gifts

Some donors prefer to make a commitment to NVC with a pledge of $250 or more, payable over a period of months or years. Pledge terms and payment may be discussed with the Director of Institutional Advancement. For more information, call 210-486-4951.

NVC employees may also participate in the Alamo Colleges District Employees Giving Back Campaign with a pledge payable through payroll deduction for one year.

Matching Gifts

If your employer supports a matching gift program you may be able to double—or even triple—your gift to NVC. Information on matching gifts is usually available through your employer's Human Resources department. NVC Institutional Advancement staff can help you determine whether your company participates in a charitable contribution matching program and assist you with completing any necessary paperwork.

Gifts of Physical Assets

Northwest Vista College will accept gifts of real estate and personal property on a case-by-case basis. Real estate gifts can be in the form of undeveloped property, a personal residence or farm, rental property, or commercial property. Donors of such property are entitled to an income tax deduction based on its appraised value.

College representatives carefully examine each potential gift prior to acceptance in order to ensure that responsibilities of ownership are consistent with our strategic plan and to reduce the possibility of liability issues related to the property.

Personal Property Personal property of value may also be donated to NVC and may entitle the donor to an income tax deduction for its appraised value.

Gifts in Kind Northwest Vista College accepts gifts of equipment, materials, and services which may be used to support our commitment to students and to teaching and learning excellence.

If you are interested in making a donation of real estate, personal property, or a gift-in-kind to NVC, please call 210-486-4951. 

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts enable donors to make substantial contributions to NVC in ways that complement their tax, financial, or estate plans. In planned giving, benefits to the giver may be immediate, while actual transfer of assets may be deferred. Examples of planned gifts include the following:

* Bequests 

* Life insurance 

* Charitable gift annuity 

* Charitable remainder trust 

* Charitable lead trust 

Planned gifts are usually arranged through consultation with estate or financial planners.  We are happy to talk with you and your financial advisors to design the most advantageous ways of giving to NVC.


Endowments are created through gifts of money or property that are invested in accordance with Alamo Colleges (District) Foundation policy. Earnings on the principal provide expendable funds to support designated initiatives. The principal remains intact and may be added to over time. 

Endowed gifts leave a powerful legacy. They constitute a perpetual, living memorial to the donor’s interests and generosity through:

  • Scholarship endowments
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Special programming such as film or lecture series
  • Equipment and facilities enhancements or updates
  • Awards to recognize student, faculty, or staff accomplishments

The minimum gift required to establish an endowment fund is $20,000 which may be paid as a one-time gift or pledged and paid over one or more years. To start an endowment or to obtain additional information on starting an endowment, please contact NVC Institutional Advancement, at 210-486-4951.