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To our military-connected students; before engaging in any voluntary education activities, please consult your education service office regarding service-specific requirements, instructions, and/or regulations.

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Evening Program Information

St. Philip's College offers evening courses on JBSA Randolph. These courses are open to both military and civilian Alamo Colleges District students.

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Students will be considered for registration into JBSA courses based upon a priority order set by the Department of Defense Voluntary Education Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (DoD MOU).  Consideration for groups 2-5 may be given early, dependent upon enrollments. 

Priority Registration Groups for JBSA Courses

Group 1 Active Service Members; Priority
Group 2 Federally Funded DoD Civ. Employees
Group 3 Servicemember Dependents & DoD Civilians
Group 4 Military Retirees
Group 5 Civilian/All others

Upon registration in a course held on JBSA-Randolph, civilian students must submit a Consent for Release of Information form to the contact listed on the form.

Only students registered for JBSA-Randolph courses will be sponsored onto the installation. Chaperones and drivers will not be sponsored unless coordintated through Disability Support Services.

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Reserved Courses for Military/Veteran Affiliated Students:

St. Philip's College schedules online and campus courses reserved for our military, veteran and dependent students and are listed in the online schedule as Reserved-Mil/Vet/Dependents on the far right in the schedule.

Wintermester and Reserved Course Listing

Registration Request Form (Reserved Courses Online/Campus)


DoD Tuition & Fee Information

Texas residents & those assigned to duty in Texas; $99 per credit hour

Those assigned to duty outside of Texas; $215 per credit hour

Questions regarding these rates may be emailed to our Military Support Services Team at dst-military@alamo.edu.

St. Philip's College-Spring 2019
San Antonio College -Spring 2019
Northwest Visa College -Spring 2019
Palo Alto College -Spring 2019

Questions regarding special tuition charges may be directed to dst-military@alamo.edu 

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If you have questions or would like assistance with any of the above tools, please contact our Military Support Team and we'll be happy to assist you.  Email: dst-military@alamo.edu

Contact Information

SPC Representative
Cynthia Jaime

Evening Personnel 
Vacant, Admin. Svcs. Specialist

Office Hours (except holidays)
Mon.- Thu. 0800-1600
Fri. 1000-1600
Office hours subject to change due to staffing

Evening Phone
During evening class meetings only 

Office Location
301 B Street West
Randolph AFB, TX 78150
Building 208, Room 10