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AlamoINSTITUTES are designed to guide students to academic choices that lead to successful employment and life-long careers.

To accomplish this objective, the Alamo Colleges District engages in intentional, ongoing, and strategic dialogue with regional employers through Alamo Pathways Advisory Council.

The integration of the Alamo Pathways Advisory Council will provide the opportunity to:

  • Align with the AlamoINSTITUTES design.
  • Collaborate across the District to allow all the Colleges together to benefit from the greatest employer and stakeholder talent.
  • Support and invest in students, faculty, student success representatives, and programs that will lead to student achievement and employment.
  • Utilize Signature Events to engage stakeholders across the community.

The five colleges of the Alamo Colleges District have adopted the Pathways Model defined by the Texas Pathways Institute as “an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success based on intentionally designed, clear, coherent and structured educational experiences, informed by available evidence, that guide each student effectively and efficiently from her/his point of entry through the attainment of high-quality postsecondary credentials and careers with value in the labor market.”


Here are the key benefits for industry partners who commit to joining one of our Pathways Advisory Council:
  • Access to students for internships and apprenticeships
  • Shared use of college facilities
  • Participation in curriculum development to ensure relevancy to industry trends.
  • Access to a significant pipeline of qualified graduates
  • Opportunity to receive Continuing Education to meet employer needs
  • Sharing of relevant data
  • Opportunity to provide and receive professional development

In the San Antonio region, the Alamo Colleges District, in collaboration with our stakeholders, is poised to move the needle on social mobility through access to quality higher education and post-secondary credentials.

We invite industry employers to partner with the Alamo Colleges Pathways Advisory Council.

This is a key opportunity for faculty and employers to share information and expertise in annual strategic dialogues to enrich and inform course and program development, integrate essential and marketable skills into our curriculum and offer broad experiential learning opportunities to our students.

As a member of our Pathways Advisory Council, we are seeking your assistance in recruiting for our programs’ advisory committees and ensuring that our curriculum focuses on marketable skills.

Your expertise can also assist in developing program learning outcomes that keep up with economic sector trends.

It is also important that we collaborate to provide opportunities for experiential learning through internships, co-ops and clinical placement for our students.

By working strategically together, we can close educational and economic gaps in our community, while further advancing our individual missions.

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