Shared Governance

Shared governance provides a representative voice for faculty, staff, and students in related matters across the Alamo Colleges District. Participating in shared governance is an opportunity for leadership, subject matter experts, and stakeholder representatives to foster open communication, exchange information, share ideas, challenge each other to be innovative, and work together toward a common goal.

Stakeholder representative groups include, but are not limited to:

Executive Faculty Council

EFC engages in deep thinking and rich discussion leading to improved outcomes to solve complex problems. 

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Executive Staff Senate

ESS is the collective voice of staff members across the five colleges and the district support operations.

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United Faculty Senate

Founded as an advisory body, the United Faculty Senate examines district-wide faculty concerns.

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Student District Council

The delegates of the Student District Council promote student relationships and provide a means of cooperation among students, faculty, staff, and administration

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Policy and Procedure Advisory Council

The Policy and Procedure Advisory Council (PPAC) is composed of district stakeholders who collaborate to address new or revised Alamo College District policies and/or procedures.

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Key tenets of ACD shared governance include:

  1. The Strategic Leadership Team and stakeholder representative groups document a formal commitment to shared objectives for the Alamo Colleges District each year.
  2. Stakeholder groups recommend priorities for each academic year to the chancellor as determined by their members and constituents.
  3. Proposals and/or recommendations are presented to the Strategic Leadership Team for review and feedback. The Strategic Leadership Team may accept the recommendation or request modifications and work together toward the best possible result for ACD.
  4. Stakeholder groups may assess the efficiency and effectiveness of key documents including bylaws and charters.
  5. Stakeholder group officers will be members of the ACD District Leadership Team and meet monthly to discuss ACD-wide initiatives and updates.
  6. Reference policy B.2.1 Organizational Plan for roles and responsibilities of the chancellor and stakeholder representative groups.

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