Citation Appeals Procedure

Each campus within the Alamo Colleges shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining a Campus Citation Appeals Committee to afford Due Process for any person receiving an Alamo Colleges Campus Citation. Procedure shall be made available to all Employees and Students at their campus in printed form or posted on each campus’ website. 

Alamo Colleges Campus Citations may be appealed within ten (10) working/school days from date of the citation by filing a "Citation Appeal Form" with the Campus Citation Appeals Committee. 

View Citation Appeal Form

The appeal must be submitted on a Campus Citation Appeal form and sent as an email attachment to Campus Citation Appeals Committee (refer to email list below). Individuals who wish to appeal a Campus Citation must complete the Campus Citations Appeal form listed on the individual College Campus or Alamo Colleges Police Website under the title Departmental Forms. Each citation requires a separate appeal form. Email the completed form as an attachment within 10business days from citation issue date to the Campus Citation Appeals Committee at the campus the citation was issued. 

Citation Appeals Committe Emails

San Antonio College


St. Philip’s College

Southwest Campus

Palo Alto College

Northwest Vista College

Northeast Lakeview College

If you are unable to email the Campus Citation Appeal Form as an attachment, you can print the form from the Departmental Forms and take the completed Campus Citation Appeal Form to the Campus Police Office at the campus where the citation being appealed was issued.  Your citation appeal will be taken to the Campus Citation Appeals Committee on the same day it is received.  NOTE: Neither the Campus Police Administrative Associates nor the Campus Police Officers are members of the Campus Citation Appeals Committee.  They cannot dismiss or change an issued campus citation; only the Campus Citation Appeals Committee can dismiss citations.  

Be sure to fill out the form completely. Follow the instructions on the form. The form must include a return email address to receive a reply on appeal disposition. Only use the form found on the websites. If more than 10 business days have elapsed between citation date and appeal date, the appeal will be rejected and the citation will remain Valid. You will receive an email at the email address you list on the Appeal Form on Campus Citation Appeals Committee’s decision or appeal status no later than 10 business days from date of appeal submission. 

The Campus Citation Appeals Committee will notify the Police Department and the Police Department will in turn notify the Bursar and Campus Police Office of the decision. If you do not receive a reply on the status of your appeal, contact the Campus Citation Appeals Committee by email AFTER 10 business days from appeal submission date.  Keep a copy of your appeal decision as proof of a Voided (dismissed) citation. 

If the appeal was unsuccessful and the citation is ruled Valid, you will need to pay the fine listed on the back of the issued citation based on elapsed time between citation date and payment date minus the appeal process time. 

Allow ten (10) business days for appeal processing. If notification of appeal disposition is not received on or before the 10th business day, it is the appealing party's responsibility for contacting the Campus Citation Appeals Committee by email to inquire on status of appealed citation AFTER the 10th business day.