Strategic Vision for Alamo Colleges District

The colleges of the Alamo Colleges District will be the best in the nation in Student Success and Performance Excellence.

Northwest Vista College Learning Vision

To become responsible members of our world community, we create exemplary models for:

Learning to Be...
Learning to Work...
Learning to Serve...
Learning to Lead...

NVC Vision Defined

  • Understanding who I am
  • Developing self
  • Being open to new ideas
  • Developing a values set
  • Developing the creative self
  • Being joyful
  • Developing technical skills and knowledge
  • Developing creative and critical thinking skills
  • Developing communication skills
  • Developing work ethic
  • Collaborating effectively
  • Developing an ethic of service
  • Developing skills for responsible citizenship
  • Developing social and environmental responsibility
  • Developing a global perspective
  • Engaging in service to community
  • Developing and supporting each other
  • Applying Core Learning elements of Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge
  • Valuing innovation and risk-taking
  • Serving as a positive role model
  • Developing mediation and team-building skills
  • Positive interdependence
  • Partnering
  • Collaboration
  • Cooperation
  • Tolerance for and acceptance of difference
  • Synergy