Strategic Plan 2024-2026

Strategic Plan - Moonshot Diagram

Strategic Vista 1

NVC will provide welcoming, compassionate, and affirming environments for all students and employees.

Narrative - Providing welcoming and affirming spaces means that NVC recognizes that a sense of safety and belonging is foundational to success. It begins with creating intentional spaces where students and employees are included and validated. We create this culture through relationships, experiences, personal and professional development, environment, teaching approaches, and other liberatory practices.

Goal 1.1: Belonging and Inclusion

Structured Servingness 1.1.a: NVC collects, disaggregates, and analyzes student data for impact on student success outcomes.

Structured Servingness 1.1.b: NVC implements evidence-based practices to ensure equitable student success outcomes.

Goal 1.2: Validation

Structured Servingness 1.2.a: NVC implements culturally relevant practices in instruction and support services.

Structured Servingness 1.2.b: NVC provides support to students where they are at by providing bridges from developmental and co-requisite education to success in college-level curriculum.

Structured Servingness 1.2.c: NVC provides curriculum that advances critical consciousness.

Goal 1.3: Culture of Care, Compassion, and Awareness

Structured Servingness 1.3.a: NVC employees nurture a culture of belonging for students, for themselves, and for fellow employees.

Structured Servingness 1.3.b: NVC promotes an in-depth understanding of the world, allowing for the perception and exposure of social and political contradictions, and taking action against the oppressive elements in one's life that are illuminated by that understanding.

Structured Servingness 1.3.c: NVC ensures that students and employees have access to programs, services, and resources that address their educational, social, and occupational needs and promote exploration, growth, and leadership.

Strategic Vista 2

NVC will become a social and economic driver for students, employees, and the community.

Narrative - Being a social driver means that NVC creates structures and systems that are in service of the moonshot to end poverty through education in the Greater San Antonio region. The foundation of those structures and systems comes from truly understanding the community that we serve and meeting each individual where they are at as they pursue their educational and career goals.

Goal 2.1: Disruption and Innovation in Higher Education

Structured Servingness 2.1.a: NVC develops systems and practices that are reformative and sustainable as a model for all Community Colleges.

Structured Servingness 2.1.b: NVC secures external resources to support innovative endeavors in education, scholarship, and service.

Structured Servingness 2.1.c: NVC creates comprehensive articulated K-12 (ISD) and University partnerships.

Goal 2.2: Community Engagement

Structured Servingness 2.2.a: NVC engages community and industry partnerships to understand economic and occupational needs.

Structured Servingness 2.2.b: NVC commits to serving and supporting the advancement of the Westside community.

Goal 2.3: Occupational Needs

Structured Servingness 2.3.a: NVC provides seamless transfer and career and technical education credential pathways in high-value programs that lead to family-sustaining wages.

Structured Servingness 2.3.b: NVC promotes and assesses students’ post-credential success.