For Admission and Academic Policies Contact:

Julie Boerm Tori Martinez Shyla Tracy Mary Esther Cortez
of High School Programs

College Coordinator
of High School

Senior Specialist
Student Success
Administrative Support

Boerne ISD

Boerne High School

Christine Poulis, High School Counselor

Katherine Cornette, Academic Dean

Champion High School

Danna Geist, High School Counselor/Dual Credit Liaison

Eileen Grose, Academic Dean

Boerne P-TECH Academy 

Valerie Menchaca, Director

Harmony Science Academy

Huseyin Yildirim

Northside ISD

Brandeis High School

Jillian Higgins, Graduation Coach/Dual Credit Liaison

Elisa McCraken, Academic Dean


Brennan High School

Sharon Rodriguez, Student Success Adviser/Dual Credit Liaison

Michelle Craig, Academic Dean


Clark High School

D'Layne Kelly, Intervention Specialist/Dual Credit Liaison

Melinda Clark, Academic Dean


Communication Arts High School

Jill Barton, Digital Communications/Media Teacher/Dual Credit Liaison

Michael Alicea, Academic Dean


 Harlan High School

Carrie Villarreal, Student Success Advisor/Dual Credit Liaison

Cynthia Tapia, Academic Dean


Health Careers High School

Denise Orozco, College, Career, Military Advisor/Dual Credit Liaison

Krystal Abney, Academic Dean


Holmes and Business Careers High School

Belinda Cisneros, Dual Credit Liaison

Demetria Simmons, Academic Dean


John Jay High School

Tami Rivera, Student Success Adviser/Dual Credit Liaison

Linda Luna, Principal


 Marshall High School

Carla Blackwell, AVID/AP/Dual Credit Coordinator

Michael Tilbury, Academic Dean


 O’Connor High School

Kimberly Schmidt, Head Counselor/Dual Credit Liaison

Jennifer Bishop, Academic Dean


Sonia Sotomayor High School

Chelsea Reyes, Student Success Advisor/Dual Credit Liaison

Guadalupe Esparza, Academic Dean


 Stevens High School

Michael Randolph, AP/Dual Credit/Student Success Coordinator

Andres Lopez, Academic Dean


 Taft High School

Amber McWilliams, Student Success Adviser/Dual Credit Liaison

Michele Reynolds, Academic Dean


 Warren High School

Melea Wade, Head Counselor

Bernadette Gonzales, Academic Dean

Anne Frank Inspire Academy

Joyce Maynor, Counselor