Adopting OER open access course materials is defined as incorporating previously published open access materials into one’s class, thereby eliminating the need for students to purchase textbooks or other course materials.


Five Steps to OER Adoption by Community Colleges Consortium for Open Educational Resources licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 CC-BY International License.


How do I adopt Open Textbooks at San Antonio College? 

Step 1

Find the right OER material for your subject, Check out the resources on the FIND OER page.  Familiarize yourself with sources by visiting various linked web sites.  Review and evaluate available textbooks. Use Adoption Worksheet from the Community College Consortium for Open Education Resources.

Step 2

Decide if you want to edit, modify the contents or use the textbook as is.  Review license agreement and provide attribution to the creator or copyright holder.

Step 3

Visit with the College Librarian and an Instructional Designer to discuss copyright issues, best format for distribution and course structure.

Step 4

Get necessary approvals from your department chair and disseminate the open textbook to students within Canvas.

Step 5

Distribute OER materials to your students.  Also, update library, IT helpdesk, college bookstore to ensure smooth delivery of open materials to students.  

Recommended OER Materials:

Quality of Content Accuracy
Timeliness Interactivity
Favorable Reviews Authority of Author
Reading level and Writing Style Accessibility
Languages Copyright Restrictions
Platform Compatibility Cultural Context