Course Exam Services

Course Exam Services (CES) offers proctoring for students enrolled in Northwest Vista College courses with special circumstances, specifically:

    • Exam accommodations (e.g. extended time) for students who have proper documentation
    • Make-up exam for students who miss an exam date

All proctoring is available in person only

A valid picture ID is required of all testers

Spring Office Hours:

Monday-Wednesday 8:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Friday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm
First Saturday of the month: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Please Note:
Course Exam Services will be closed March 11th-15th, 2024 for Spring Break

Student Information

Student Guidelines

  • Exams are proctored by appointment only.
  • Students are responsible for scheduling an appointment at Course Exam Services during posted hours of operation.
  • Students will schedule an appointment according to the parameters set by the course instructor and arrive with enough time to complete their test. Students will present a valid picture ID. The CES Team cannot provide an exam to anyone who does not have a proper identification.
  • Students will be notified of the minimum and maximum amount of time that is allowed by the instructor to spend on the exam.
  • Students may use materials allowed by the instructor. All other items will be given to the Testing Center Advisor. Those items may include food, drinks, cell phones, and other electronic devices.
  • Students are responsible for bringing allowed testing materials with them, including pens, pencils, scratch paper, calculators, etc.
  • Students will be quiet in the exam area. Talking or other disruptions will result in an exam being picked up and returned to the instructor, regardless of completion status.
  • Students must stay in the examination area until the test is complete unless otherwise allowed by the instructor.
  • Leaving the Testing Center will result in the exam being picked up and returned to the instructor.
  • Students will follow the Academic Integrity Policy (F.4.2). Scholastic dishonesty issues (e.g., academic misconduct, cheating, and collusion) will result in the exam being picked up and returned to the instructor. The instructor will be notified of the situation and may file an Academic Integrity Report. See the Student Code of Conduct for details.
  • All exams will be turned in by closing time, regardless of completion status, and given to the instructor.
  • These guidelines are intended to help staff in Course Exam Services provide the highest quality service. If you have a special issue, please see a Testing Center Advisor. service to students and faculty while protecting the integrity of the test proctoring process.

If you have a special issue, please see a Testing Center Advisor.

If you have any questions, please call 210-486-4346 or visit DWWC 221.

Student Guidelines

Faculty Information

Before students can take an exam at CES, their instructor first has to contact the CES Team by submitting an online request for test proctoring. The CES Team only administers exams that are accompanied by an Exam Form (see below) with guidelines from the instructor. Once the online request is submitted and reviewed, students will have an e-mail sent to their ACES e-mail with information on next steps. 

In order to submit the online exam form below, faculty will sign in to Microsoft 365 using their ACES e-mail and then will be asked to sign in to ACES prior to the form launching. If already logged into Microsoft 365, it may take a moment to access the sign in information before the page is loaded. Personal Microsoft 365 accounts will be unable to access the online exam form.

Exam Form

Instructor Guidelines