Fitness Center

Membership Requirements & Fees

Membership to the Fitness Center is free to the NVC Students, Faculty and Staff (part-time/full-time). Users must be 18 years of age (if under the age of 18 parent consent must be provided in order to utilize the Fitness Center). All users must present a current NVC ID to gain entrance into the Fitness Center


Fitness Center Rules and Policies

Members are required to present their valid Northwest Vista ID card each time they use the facility. Participants must dress appropriately to maintain a sanitary environment and to protect upholstery on equipment. Members are expected to follow any direction provided by Fitness Center staff especially relating to matters pertaining to safety.


  • Please wipe down the equipment you use before and after each use to help prevent the spreading of MRSA bacteria.
  • Please bring a lock and your own towel to use in the fitness center.
  • Sneakers are required - NO open toe shoes, sandals or boots of any kind are allowed.
  • Clothing - a shirt must be worn and jeans are NOT allowed.
  • Members are expected to wipe down equipment after each use with the appropriate wipes or spray cleaner;
  • Bars must be broken down and all weights returned to their proper location after use;
  • Tobacco products and food is not allowed. Water bottles, sport drinks, and energy bars are fine if kept contained;
  • Books bags and other personal items are not allowed in the fitness center.
  • Members are required to leave their valid Northwest Vista ID card to check out any Fitness Center/Recreation Sports equipment. Members are personally responsible to return all items issued to them. Members will be charged for the replacement of unreturned or lost items;
  • While the Fitness Center has lockers for members for their personal use, the Fitness Center does not claim responsibility for lost or stolen articles in association with their usage.
  • The Fitness Center staff has authority over all room conduct and use of equipment, including sound system and television sets.
  • Misuse or falsification of identification cards will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted through the College judicial system.
  • Members who do not adhere to the Fitness Center rules will have their membership terminated and will NOT receive a refund.
  • The Fitness Center and Gym will be closed when main campus is closed and classes are not in session. (Spring/Winter break)
  • Be aware that hours may be adjusted based on daily and hourly usage assessment.


Locker Rooms

Lockers are available on a first come, first served basis, under the following conditions:

  • Lockers should always be locked.
  • Belongings should never be left outside the locker.
  • Valuables should never be stored in the locker.
  • Suspicious conditions or activities should be reported immediately to the front desk.

All lockers are for DAY USE ONLY! All lockers must be emptied, cleaned out, and locks removed by the time you leave the building. At the end of the night, any remaining locks may be cut and items will be removed and disposed of.