Student Advocacy & Resource Center




Virtual Appointments

Virtual Hours: M-W and Friday 8am-5pm  Thursday 8am-7pm  and 1st Saturday of the Month 9am-1pm

Dial: 210-486-4181 or Email:


Increase student retention rates by supporting their unmet socio-economic or mental health needs outside the classroom which negatively impact levels of stress, focus, and student performance.

Remote Support

Case Management provides one-to-one assessment and planning to help coordinate and monitor student’s health and human service needs.

Counseling and Mental Health Support Services are provided via a secure online environment. Brief, solution-focused mental health counseling can scheduled.

Information and Referral Services provide information about support programs accessed through public and private service providers after a brief assessment of client needs (but not diagnosis and evaluation) to facilitate appropriate connection to community resources.

Emergency Assistance is provided for students through emergency grants to help with unexpected emergencies, such as rent and utilities.