Palo Alto College Spring 2024 Commencement Ceremony

Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Time: 4 p.m.
Location: Alamodome, 100 Montana St, San Antonio, TX 78203

Please continue to refer to this website and monitor your student email for all commencement information for updates.

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Eligibility to Graduate

To be awarded an associate degree or certificate, students must:

  • Schedule an appointment with their Certified Advisor to complete an official degree audit to determine eligibility.
  • Complete all required courses and semester credit hours for the specific degree or certificate
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all course work completed at Palo Alto College, as well as courses successfully completed at all other colleges and universities that apply to the student’s degree or certificate program
  • Submit official transcripts of all coursework attempted at other colleges and universities
  • Earn a grade of “C” or better in all technical courses directly relating to the technical program (Associate of Applied Science or certificate programs)
  • Earn at least 25% of degree hours required for graduation at Palo Alto College
  • Fulfill all Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements
  • Be in good academic standing at the end of term in which award is received
Graduation Application
  1. Schedule an appointment via AlamoNavigate to ensure you are ready to graduate and to verify the catalog year for the degree or certificate you are pursuing is up to date. 

  2. Complete the Graduation Application and the online ACES application with your advisor! Paper application must be printed. 

How to schedule an appointment with your certified advisor on AlamoNavigate

Print version

Latin Honors

Latin honors is based solely on the cumulative Palo Alto College GPA at the time of graduation. To graduate with Latin honors, students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher (excluding transfer coursework and any courses earning a grade of “CR”).

  • Cum Laude requires a cumulative GPA of 3.5-3.79
  • Magna Cum Laude requires a cumulative GPA of 3.8-3.99
  • Summa Cum Laude requires a cumulative GPA of 4.0

Students should note that in order to be designated as Latin honors in the commencement ceremony and program, they must have met the institutional GPA requirements prior to the term of their graduation and be enrolled in at least one term at Palo Alto College or another Alamo College two years prior to graduation.

Latin Honors recognition for commencement is based on cumulative institutional GPA at the time of commencement and does not include grades for the graduating semester because grades are not finalized. Latin honors will be officially designated on transcripts if cumulative institutional GPA meets honors requirements at the time the degree is awarded.

Receiving your Degree or Certificate

A final Alamo GPS degree audit must be completed before a degree is officially awarded. Degrees will be posted on transcripts 30 business days after the close of the semester. Diplomas will be mailed 60 business days after the close of the semester.

Graduation vs. Commencement

Graduation is the process of being awarded a degree or certificate. To be awarded a degree or certificate, candidates must meet with their certified advisor or faculty advisor, have a degree or certificate audit completed and must apply for graduation and meet all degree or certificate requirements. Graduation occurs three times in the academic year: Fall, Spring and Summer.

Commencement is the annual congratulatory ceremony (walking across the stage) held at the end of each Spring semester in which the attainment of a degree or certificate is recognized by the College, family, friends and community. Actual degree or certificate is not awarded at the commencement ceremony.

Alumni and Friends

Once you formally graduate from Palo Alto College, you will feel empowered to succeed at the next level. As a member of the Palo Alto College family, we encourage you to join us.

Contact Information:

Admissions & Records, Rio Grande (RIOGND 105 A)



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