Student Parking

All Alamo Colleges District students pay a $25 Campus Access Fee per semester to cover parking at any of the Alamo Colleges District campuses, off-site locations, or district offices. No sticker or decal is distributed. The Campus Access Fee is included in students’ tuition and fees each semester and does not to exceed $50 per academic year. 

 VIA bus passes are also available for students without a personal vehicle. Passes will be available the Friday before classes begin of each fall and spring semester. The last day passes will be issued is the Friday before the end of Flex II for each semester.

To submit a Campus Citation Appeal form, please complete this application and follow the submission requirements.

What is the purpose of the access fee?

Revenue generated is dedicated to parking facilities, construction and maintenance, and at board option, excess fees may be designated for student scholarship funds.

How much is the access fee?

The access fee is $25 for each term a student is enrolled in at least one credit class.

How often will students be charged the access fee?

Students will be charged the access fee each term in which they are enrolled in credit classes, regardless of the number of credits, location of the classes or whether the class is on-campus or online (Distance Learning).

Will students be charged the access fee for each summer term session in which they are enrolled?

Students who attend a summer semester only will pay a $25 access fee.

Can students’ financial aid be used to pay the access fee?

Yes, financial aid may be used to pay the access fee.

Why is the Alamo Colleges District charging an access fee?

To streamline the process for students, the Alamo Colleges District is including the access fee in the students' tuition and fees, rather than requiring a separate process and payment.