Jessica's Project

A Service Learning Initiative from St. Philip's College

Upcoming Events:

Spring Symposium

Jessica's Project Spring Symposium


The Path forward: Navigating Unplanned Pregnancy



Thursday, April 11, 2024
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Free and Open to the Public


Bowden Alumni Center, Sutton Learning Center Building

and simulcast to the community via Zoom:



The Story of Jessica's Project:

In March 2012, Jessica, niece of the Chair of Natural Sciences, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at age 10. A week later, the chairperson was conducting a faculty observation in Dr. Nfor’s Nutrition class and shared the details with his class. Dr. Nfor immediately assigned the groups in the class various tasks to help Jessica and her family understand and cope with this diagnosis. The class researched the disease and made a video to send to Jessica. Jessica responded with a video of her own, asking more questions. At the end of the semester, the class hosted an information session and presented Jessica with two large baskets of Gluten-free foods as well as a buffet of a variety of foods. Jessica said, “Can I eat ALL of those things?”

From that chance beginning ‘Jessica’s Project’ has continued each semester, tackling a specific nutritionally related disease or disorder. The project has grown to include other courses within Natural Sciences, other departments, and several community organizations.

  • To offer instructors and students tools to engage with the community
  • Organize symposium every semester on related subject
  • Provide online tools and resources through our partners to assist educators
  • Train instructors to incorporate civic engagement learning into their course designs.
  • Train students to conduct professional research and present posters during the symposium.
  • Create an academic co-op to foster this model of teaching
  • Teach through Problem-based/Case study analysis of medical conditions
  • Raise Awareness of the highlighted condition
  • Education and Prevention
  • Share Resources
  • Community Involvement
  • Active and Service Learning
  • Application of concepts outside the classroom through research and collaboration

The goals of Jessica’s Project is to strengthen student learning and interest in the sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) by connecting course topics to issues affecting the local community.

Jessica's Project focus: A civic engagement program at St. Philip's College designed to encourage faculty to incorporate civic engagement model into their courses by redesigning old syllabi and curriculum.

This program provides help to faculty and staff through workshops, symposiums, and events organized by our students to inspire others to be vested in the community. Through this program, students, faculty and staff are given the opportunity to give back to the community, students are encourage to utilize their skills to conduct proper research on a specific topic and present a professional poster during the symposium.

Future Plans
  • SPC Jessica’s Project – Project Worth Partnership to expand teenage and unplanned pregnancy prevention campaign
  • Sustained efforts to combat preventable diseases in our community
  • Continue to train students, staff and faculty on urban gardening
  • Building Solar Power for the community garden- Mr. Craig Overmiller and students (Welding Department) and Dr. Saint-Hubbert Michelle- Applied Electrical & Mechanical Technology
  • Scientific textbooks and Laboratory equipment drive: Giving unused books and equipment a second life.
  • Grant writing to seek funding to sustain the projects
  • Provide training to interested institution of higher learning on best practices for civic engagement
  • Present at National conferences and workshops
  • Developing new partnerships with Brackenridge High School (Borrego Carlos) classes
  • Developing new partnerships with Advanced Learning Academy at FOX TECH High School
  • Increased collaboration with disABILITYsa to provide help to the most vulnerable in the community through education and engagement

 Upcoming Projects:

  • Training and Mentoring Projects
  • Pilot study on obesity and other related issues; an intervention on students versus faculty and staff
  • Library Liaison for our research students
Electronic Resources

SPC Poster & Oral Presentation

NCSU Posters >>

This is an excellent site that covers all aspects of a poster presentation from creating a poster to presenting one. It also provides several examples with critiques for each sample. Lastly, it has a quick reference page with helpful tips for delivering a successful poster presentation.

Oral Presentation

KUMC Prep >>

This site is cited by the NIH and is quite useful when designing an oral presentation. It addresses all aspects of a scientific talk from planning and preparing to practicing and presenting. It is brief and easy to follow with helpful tips on how to prepare for the question/answer session.

Document Resources  

Scientific Poster: Tips, Significance, Design, Templates and Presentation >>

This document provides tips and temples for designing a poster presentation. It also discusses the significance of a poster presentation and includes a section that gives advice on how to present successfully.

Oral Presentations: Tips, Significance, Design, Guidelines & Presentation >>

This document provides tips and guidelines for designing an oral presentation. It also discusses the significance of an oral presentation and includes a section that gives advice on how to present successfully.

Student Assignment Tools

Contact Information

Founder and Project Coordinator:
Solomon Nfor, Associate Professor,  LVN, B.S M.S, M.S., Ph.D
Civic Engagement Trainer
Founder PPFA Foundation
MLK Science Bldg (SCI) 206F
Committee Chair:
Greg Steel, Faculty - Dept. of Kinesiology
Civic Engagement Advocate
William Allen Hudgins Health & Wellness Facility