History of NLC

Northeast Lakeview College hosted its first commencement ceremony in May 2009. At the 2009 Commencement Ceremony, Jennifer Garcia was recognized as the institution's inaugural graduate. Garcia returned to College after being laid off in Fall 2008 from a job she held for more than 12 years.

Previously dropping out of college to work to help support her two young children, she decided that returning to school to earn a college degree was a necessity. Jennifer Garcia is the first person on her mother's side to not only receive formal education after high school but complete her degree. Garcia transferred to university following her studies at Northeast Lakeview College. Ms. Garcia received her associate of arts degree at an Inaugural Commencement Ceremony on May 8, 2009.

Since Northeast Lakeview College held its inaugural graduation in 2009, the institution continues to focus on student success demonstrated by a continued increase in completion and graduation rates. Degree completion is one of the measures both the Alamo Colleges and Northeast Lakeview College use to demonstrate success.

In 2015, Northeast Lakeview College exceeded its goal of 67 graduates, certifying 80 graduates in October 2015. Additionally, 102 Judson Early College Academy (JECA) students received their associate degree in conjunction with their high school diploma and 403 San Antonio College (SAC) at NLC students completed the coursework for a degree at the Northeast Lakeview College. However, because these students require Federal Financial Aid, these students are transcripted through an agreement between NLC and SAC.

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Northeast Lakeview College Street Names and Rationale

Castella Circle: the main entrance to the campus, named after the family who agreed to the sale of the land to ACCD for the new college.

Lower Valley Rd: named after the first public school to serve the Lower Valley Community settlement along the banks of Cibolo Creek in Guadalupe County.  Lower Valley School # 33 was established in 1877 and closed in 1966 when it consolidated with today’s Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD. 

Lakeview Parkway: the longest NLC roadway, named in honor of the signature geographic feature of the college site.

Kruse Circle: named after the family that last farmed the current college property, for over a fifty-year period. The Kruse Circle roundabout is almost the exact location of the farmhouse and the farm well.

Metrocom Circle: named after the ten small-medium sized northeast communities that advocated for and supported the development of the newest of the five Alamo Colleges.

JECA Drive: named after the Judson ISD-ACCD collaborative partnership, the Judson Early College Academy, located on the NLC campus

College Way: the north entrance to the campus, named after the purpose of the entire site