Mexican American Studies at NLC

What is Mexican American Studies

Mexican American Studies at NLC engages students in the study of the history, literature, politics, and art of Mexican American communities in the southwestern United States.  It promotes the academic exploration of the Mexican-American experience, instills cultural literacy, and prepares students for global citizenship.

Mexican-American studies at NLC is a group of courses that can be transferred to local universities to complete a Bachelor's Degree.

What will I learn?

Students will focus on understanding diverse cultural views, developing intellectual curiosity, and expanding cultural awareness.

What courses will I take in Mexican American Studies?

Category SCH Course Number Course Title
Introduction 3 HUMA 1305 Introduction to Mexican-American Studies
History 3 HIST 2327 Mexican-American History I
History 3 HIST 2328 Mexican-American History II
Government 3 GOVT 2322 Mexican-American Politics
English/Literature 3 ENGL 2351 Mexican-American Literature
Spanish 3

SPAN 2312
or SPAN 2315*

*not offered at NLC

Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish for Native Speakers II
Fine Arts 3 HUMA 1311 Mexican-American Fine Arts Appreciation


What can I do with the Mexican American Focus?

Mexican-American studies at NLC is a group of courses that can be transferred to local universities to complete a Bachelor's Degree.

University of Texas at San Antonio
Our Lady of the Lake University

Marketable Skills

  • MAS coursework paves the way for cultural competency, analytical, and communications skills needed to obtain social and economic opportunities.
  • Students gain strong written and oral communication skills, critical thinking and analysis, knowledge about human behavior and institutions, the ability to work effectively with diverse populations, the capacity to analyze the racial impacts of law and public policy, as well as excellent research skills, team-building and group-centered leadership skills.

Learn more about the coursework

The following two courses will be available in Spring 2022

HUMA 1305 – Introduction to Mexican American Studies

This course allows students to explore the Mexican American community in the United States. The course focuses on ethnicity, race, gender, social structure, history, and culture to provide insight into the rapidly growing Latinx population in the United States.

SPAN 2312 – Intermediate Spanish II

This course provides additional development of language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Short literary selections are introduced in a context of Hispanic culture and civilization.

COURSE OVERVIEW:  In Spanish 2312 students will read, interpret and discuss a series of short cultural and literary selections. The course will include a review of grammar and instruction in advanced grammatical structures, which serve as the basis for the language functions students will encounter in class. 

*The course will also encourage self-reflection and critical analysis as well as an understanding of the perspectives of people from Spanish speaking countries.  The goal is to develop a spirit of mindfulness with respect to other cultures through the study of the language and the lives of the people of the Spanish-speaking world.