Strategic Goals 2022-2025

Goal I: Quality Teaching, Learning, and Student Success

Objective I: Enhance Learning

Create innovative processes, resources, and methods of assessment to enhance student learning.

      1. Utilize high-impact practices in teaching and learning.
      2. Expand student opportunities for cross-curricular/programmatic learning.
      3. Facilitate an environment of robust faculty and staff collaboration.
      4. Expand and increase awareness of academic support services.
      5. Identify and utilize relevant technology to meet college population needs.

Objective II: Enhance Student Support and Engagement

Develop infrastructure and opportunities for innovative methods, processes, and resources to enhance student success.

      1. Strengthen all aspects of career and transfer pathways awareness through the Alamo Institutes.
      2. Build upon current practices designed to increase completion and minimize excess credit hours.
      3. Expand opportunities for student engagement and innovative resources for student success.
      4. Fully integrate cross-college processes for holistic advising.
      5. Expand and increase awareness of student support services.

Objective III: Enhance Quality Teaching

Maintain and continue to develop quality professional development experiences for faculty.

      1. Implement opportunities for professional development (discipline-specific and pedagogy specific).
      2. Develop opportunities for faculty to share teaching techniques, strategies, and classroom experiences.
      3. Enhance the availability of interactive learning technologies in the classroom.
      4. Develop faculty peer mentorship.

Goal II: Respect, Value, and Empower People

Objective I: Respectful Inclusive Culture

Promote an inclusive and diverse culture in which people's needs, ideas, and involvement are critical parts of the institutional operations.

      1. Practice shared organizational leadership by including all stakeholders at the table.
      2. Prioritize purposeful, multilateral communication, and respectful listening for increased employee engagement.
      3. 3Strive for optimal staffing levels and infrastructure to support program and curriculum growth.
      4. Empower diverse, cross-campus, inclusive work teams through organizational support.

Objective II: Employee Development and Recognition

Create opportunities to support, share, recognize, and celebrate the accomplishments of NLC employees.

      1. Promote and encourage varied and viable options for personal, professional, and leadership development.
      2. Recognize, award, and celebrate the accomplishments of NLC employees.
      3. Explore and enact innovative reward systems for employee achievements and appreciation.

Goal III: Enrich Internal and External Community Engagement and Communication

Objective I: Communication and Engagement

Enhance relationships with internal and external stakeholders and develop an awareness of College resources and services.

      1. Increase awareness of college and community services to enhance engagement.
      2. Invest in systems to facilitate transparency and dissemination of information and resources to both internal and external stakeholders.

Objective II: Skills Development

Engage with our community to provide a skilled workforce.

      1. Develop programs that enrich our community.
      2. Equip our students with essential skills for employment.
      3. Expand internships and experiential learning opportunities.
      4. Engage with our community partners to provide educational enrichment opportunities on campus.
      5. Create an idea-sharing environment that promotes networking.

Objective III: Civic Responsibility and Cultural Awareness

Encourage a culture of civic responsibility and cultural awareness.

      1. Promote programming about different cultures.
      2. Provide opportunities for civic engagement within the community.
      3. Incentivize NLC employees and students to serve our community.