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Technology Faculty

Our faculty in the Technology programs of the BPT department at Northeast Lakeview College prepares students to enter the cyber workforce through training programs and degree offerings in Network Administration Technology and Cyber Defense. We achieve this MISSION using an E3 measure:

  • Engage – We engage our students in active learning by creating an environment of collaborative, hands-on practical projects addressing real-world cyber challenges.
  • Equip – We equip our students with marketable skills, experience with industry-standard tools, technical knowledge beyond the textbook, and advanced industry certifications to enter the cyber workforce.
  • Empower – We empower our students to make a difference in the lives of their families, our community, and our Industry.

Full-Time Faculty

Chip Thornsburg, M.B.A. – Assistant Professor
Program Coordinator for Cyber Defense
Phone: (210) 486-5784
Office: Medina CTE 210A

Fabius Bascon, Jr., M.B.A. – Instructor
Program Coordinator for Network Administration Technology
Phone: (210) 486-5385
Office: Medina CTE 210C

Geeta Goswami, M.S. – Instructor – Networking Technologies
Phone: (210) 486-5368
Office: Medina CTE 210H

Adjunct Faculty

Briana McFadden, M.S. – Instructor – Windows & Linux OS

James Devno, M.S. – Instructor – Linux OS

Mark Munoz, M.S. – Instructor – Network Administration

Sean Sexton, M.A. – Instructor – IT Security