Student Privacy

Northeast Lakeview College complies with all of the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). We are committed to protecting the privacy of a student’s educational record regardless of delivery method. The Dean of Student Success is the point of contact for all FERPA related issues, and all employees are informed and trained of their responsibilities of unauthorized release of confidential records or information. Because an online environment creates a record of student activity, it is subject to FERPA privacy rights, unlike verbal exchanges in a physical classroom. 

Identity Verification in Distance Learning Courses
The identity verification process for online courses protects student’s privacy through the use of a secure portal, with a secure login and student-selected password. In addition, BioSig-ID, a biometric enabling system is used in all online courses.

Faculty Responsibility
Faculty and staff understand and carry out a commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and security to protect the privacy of students who participate in distance learning activities. Students’ records are kept private by the instructor, except in cases where academic staff or administration access the course, with legitimate educational interest under FERPA guidelines. 

In order to maintain course security and protect student privacy, faculty do not access or attempt to access another employee’s or student’s account without authorization as described in the Appropriate Use of Information Technology Policy C.1.9. 

Student Responsibility
In order to maintain confidentiality, portal login passwords are generated by the student and any password reset is completed through “secret question” protocol. It is the student’s responsibility to keep their password confidential. See Student Code of Conduct Policy Procedure F.4.2.1 and Policy C.1.9 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources.

Only work submitted to open forums, like discussion boards, can be accessed by other students; other assignments, grades and correspondence are not viewable by other students.