Adopt A School

Northeast Lakeview College launched the Adopt-a-School Pathways Project in Fall 2014. The initiative brings the college experience to students (from pre-K to high school). The pathway project uses structured programming throughout the year to get students informed and engaged about college. Through targeted strategies with local school districts, Northeast Lakeview College aims to make students more successful as they transition to college-level coursework. Since 2014, this initiative has impacted more than 4,000 students.


Montegomery Elementary
Miller's Point Elementary
Kirby Middle School


Rose Garden Elementary School
Schertz Elmentary School
Corbett Junior High


Salinas Elementary School
Spring Meadows Elementary School
Kirby Middle School

Inaugural Adopt-a-School Partnership (2014-2015)


NLC continues its Adopt A School Initiative and Expands to include more pathways activities

Dr. Archie Wortham, professor of speech at Northeast Lakeview College, spoke with students at the School of Science and Technology as part of their College Boot Camp. His presentation was structured specifically to assist high school seniors preparing for college using a 3M model. He discussed the idea of having the end in mind—meaningful and addressed the importance of selecting colleges and a career that fit into their overall life plan—measurable. The presentation concluded with shared ideas on how to map a plan to help them reach their goals to include milestones for completion, who would help them, and focused on resolving resource issues like financial aid—manageable. 
The School of Science and Technology is one of the top public high schools in San Antonio.   

Photos from the School of Science & Technology