Adopt A School

Northeast Lakeview College launched the Adopt-a-School Pathways Project in Fall 2014. The initiative brings the college experience to students (from pre-K to high school). The pathway project uses structured programming throughout the year to get students informed and engaged about college. Through targeted strategies with local school districts, Northeast Lakeview College aims to make students more successful as they transition to college-level coursework. Some of these strategies include open house programs, college nights, and campus tours of Northeast Lakeview College. Since 2014, this initiative continues to positively impact hundreds of students annually from our service areas.

  • Wiederstein Elementary School (SCUCISD)
  • Woodlake Elementary School (Judson ISD)
  • Church Hill Middle School (Comal ISD)
  • Camelot Elementary School (North East ISD)
  • Park Village Elementary School (Judson ISD)
  • Woodlake Hills Middle School (Judson ISD)

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, no schools were adopted.


Montegomery Elementary
Miller's Point Elementary
Kirby Middle School


Rose Garden Elementary School
Schertz Elmentary School
Corbett Junior High


Salinas Elementary School
Spring Meadows Elementary School
Kirby Middle School

Inaugural Adopt-a-School Partnership (2014-2015)