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Verb Tenses Introduction 

Question Words
Swim, Swan, Swum - 5 forms
Common Irregular Verbs - 3 forms 
Common Irregular Verbs - 5 forms  

Raise and Rise 

Verb Forms 
What's the Correct Verb Form (easy) 
What's the Correct Verb Form? (medium) 
What's the Correct Verb Form #1
What's the Correct Verb Form #2  

What's the Correct Verb Form #3   


Present Perfect
Present Perfect Simple
Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect Explanation #1 
Present Perfect Quizzes (scored)  

Past Perfect

Past Perfect Simple 

Past Perfect Continuous 


Verb Tests

Verb Tense Practice Test Cumulative Verb Tense Review 
Verb Tense Final Test Cumulative Verb Tense Review  

Error Correction 

Correct or Incorrect Sentences  

Correct the Mistakes  




For or Since 

And so...  


Nouns and Pronouns 

Reflexive Pronouns
Count and NonCount Nouns #1 

Count and NonCount Nouns #2  

Subject -Verb Agreement 


Comparison of Adjectives
Gerunds and Infinities 
Misuse of the Infinitives

Modal Verb Forms  

Passive Voice

Active to Passive Practice Quiz 
Passive Quiz 1 
Passive Quiz 2
Passive Quiz 3
Passive Quiz 4
Hong Kong  



Reading Comprehension


Main Idea/ Supporting Details


Video: Identifying the Main Idea

Main Idea Quizzes



Speaking & Listening

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab