Group Advising and New Student Orientation

Welcome to San Antonio College!

At SAC, having Group Advising (GA) before New Student Orientation (NSO) ensures that students prioritize their academic needs by registering for the necessary classes during GA they need to fulfill their degree requirements. Following this, NSO steps in to provide comprehensive support by addressing any concerns about schedules, clarifying account summaries, and acquainting students with the wealth of resources available on campus. This step-by-step approach can make the transition to college smoother for new students.

GA and NSO are required for:

  • First Time In College (FTIC) students (have never attended a college or university).
  • Transfer students with less than 7 credit hours that have transferred over to SAC.

Note: Returning/former students, transfers with more than 7 transferred credit hours, and transients are not required to complete GA or NSO (NSO is optional).

Note: You will receive a confirmation email with details.

Step 1: Sign-up and attend GA

All enrollment steps must be completed before attending GA.

Enrollment Checklist

Sign-up for GA by contacting your assigned Certified Enrollment Coach.


What is GA?

Group advising is a registration session, that is conducted in a group format, where advisors and staff are available to support you and answer your questions while you register for your classes.

Who is exempt from GA?
  • Returning/Former students
  • Transfer students that have more than 7 credit hours that have transferred over to SAC
  • Transient students
Can I bring guests to GA?

Yes. However, GA takes place in a computer lab and due to limited seating, guests are not allowed in the computer lab. Guests will be asked to wait in the lobby.

When will I meet with an Academic Advisor?

During GA, you will receive assistance from a group of advisors and staff. After GA, you will receive an assigned academic advisor by the census date of the semester (view academic calendar). You can locate your advisor’s contact information in your ACES account under the “MY PAGE” tab by the census date.

Can I just show up to GA without signing-up?

No. Space is limited for each session. The advisors must pre-screen your student record to determine what courses you need according to your degree plan. This is to prepare your course selections for the day of your GA session.

I may be running late and/or may have to leave the session early. Must I stay the entire session?

Yes. You are expected to arrive on time and attend the entire session to register successfully. The time frame given does not imply that you can come in between that time. You must be there at the start of the session.

I did not receive my confirmation email for GA. Who do I contact?

First, please check your junk/spam folder. If you still do not see that it has been received, contact:

I have signed up for GA, but now I want to change my major. How can I change my major?

You can change your major the day of GA.

If I need to cancel/reschedule my GA session, what do I do?

There is not a way to cancel your GA session. But, if you cannot make it, sign up for another GA session. Please keep in mind, when you sign-up for a session, that you are taking a seat from another incoming student. So, make sure you are choosing a date that you are able to attend.

Step 2: Sign-up and attend NSO

After GA, you will attend NSO.

Note: SAC NSO is available only to students whose home campus is SAC.

Register for NSO


Is NSO mandatory?

Yes. NSO is a mandatory enrollment step for all FTIC students and transfer students who had less than 7 credit hours tranfer to SAC.

Who is exempt from NSO?
  • Returning/former students
  • Transient students
  • Transfers that have more than 7 credit hours that have transferred over to SAC.
Can I bring guests?

Although we would love you to bring a guest, the NSO room can hold a maximum of 50 students. However, if there are extra seats once orientation begins, they are more than welcome to come in and have a seat!

What should I bring to NSO?

Besides your enthusiasm and positivity, it is recommended that you bring your printed, detailed class schedule. During orientation, we will review your class schedule and assist you with identifying some key points. You can find your detailed schedule in your ACES.

"STUDENT" tab > "STUDENT TOOLS" box > Click “CLASS SCHEDULE” > Choose your semester > Submit.

Note: Do not choose CE or COM semesters.

Can I just show up to NSO without signing-up?

No. Space is limited for each session. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate students who are walk-ins or are not confirmed for a session. Reservations are on a first-come, first reserved basis.

I may arrive late or need to leave my session early. Do I have to attend the entire session?

Yes. You are expected to arrive on time and attend the entire session to successfully complete the NSO requirement. If you have prior commitments, please reschedule.

I did not receive my confirmation email for NSO. Who do I contact?

Confirmation emails with details are emailed to your ACES student email address 1-2 days before the session. If not received, please contact:

Will I register for classes during NSO?

No. Students who have completed their enrollment steps, must attend a GA session to register for classes. NSO is the last step, once a student is actively enrolled in classes.

Will lunch be provided?

No. However, we do have a café/cafeteria on site, which only takes credit cards (NO CASH). We also have vending machines in our building. You are also more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks into the NSO room.

If I need to cancel/reschedule NSO, what do I do?

There is no way to cancel your NSO. If you cannot make it and wish to reschedule, just go back into Alamo Experience and sign up for another NSO session.

How do I sign-up for online NSO?

You will sign up for online orientation the same way you would for in-person. The only difference is the NSO staff will screen your student record and will manually add you into the online orientation in Canvas. NSO staff will email you within 1 - 2 days with instructions on how to access the online orientation in Canvas.

Does online orientation have a certain start date?

No. Online orientation is continuously being offered. It will show the date as the first of the month, but it is active for the entire month that we are currently in. You can sign-up for it at any time.

General FAQs

What if I need interpreter services?

Interpreting Services at the Alamo Colleges provide interpreting services for deaf or hard of hearing students in the classroom and lab. The Interpreting Services manages, coordinates interpreting services and on-boarding services to new students.

For more information, please email

What if I need accommodations for my GA or NSO?

Please contact our disABILITY Support Services at or call (210) 486-0020.

Where can I park?

You are welcome to park for free in any open (and legal) spot in one of our parking lots or parking garages. A parking permit is not required. Check your confirmation email to locate the building your orientation will be held in.

Campus Map

How do I print my detailed class schedule?
  1. Login to ACES
  2. Student tab
  3. Find the section titled “Student Tools”
  4. Click Class Schedule
  5. Choose Term (Do not choose CE or COM terms)
  6. Submit
What if I failed my TSI Exam?

The TSI is not a pass/fail exam. It is a placement exam to determine where you level at for college level English/Math classes. If you feel you could raise your TSI score, you can find information here:

TSI Bootcamp

I have completed GA and NSO, but would like a campus tour. How can I sign-up?

Email and provide the date you attended NSO, name and banner ID#.