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All SAC Courses on Canvas for any modality must use the SAC Course Layout 2020. Find the How to download the SAC Course Layout (Video) here.


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SAC Faculty Fellow Updates July 2021



Meet Your SAC Faculty Fellow!

My role at SAC is to provide professional development workshops, classes, and other learning and growth opportunities. Additionally, I will work to update this newsletter bi- monthly, and I plan and lead the SAC Professional Development book club. It is my intention to serve SAC faculty and meet your professional development needs to the best of my ability. Please know that my heart, mind, and door is open and do not hesitate to reach out as you are willing and able. I can be reached via email at: arocha17@alamo.edu or—by golly—just put yourself on my calendar using my online scheduler. The link is provided below:

Schedule a Chat with Me!

If you don’t already know me, I am a teaching artist! My primary discipline is music, and my instrument is the cello. I’ve worked in faculty development since 2016 teaching prekindergarten educators how to incorporate performing arts techniques into the classroom. I am trained through the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts, and I have participated in the Artists as Educators Seminar, Mapping the Journey: Planning Effective Residencies for Students developed by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

I am also adjunct faculty at San Antonio College and teach cello, viola, and had the distinct pleasure of working with the SAC Chamber Ensemble before COVID required us to work online. I started my career with Alamo Colleges at St. Philip’s assisting with INRW in the English department, and I have taught cello and music theory at Northwest Vista College.

So enough about me, I want to learn about you! Please stay in touch.

Dr. Aurelia Rocha
San Antonio College Faculty Fellow & Faculty Development


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New Faculty Institute

New Faculty Institute

Questions: If you have further questions about the New Faculty Institute, or if you would like more information about professional development opportunities please email dst-facultydev@alamo.edu or our Faculty Fellow.

Dr. Aurelia Rocha
San Antonio College Faculty Fellow & Faculty Development


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Ask a Faculty Champion


Thank you to all of the SAC Faculty Champions for sharing their time and talent by providing Online Teaching Support.

Each department has identified Faculty Champions that are Online Teaching Certified and can provide assistance to Faculty that are currently enrolled in the OTC Course, are preparing their own course for Peer Review or may have other questions about Online Teaching for their specific discipline. Please email sac-teachlearn@alamo.edu if you would like to be included on this list as a Faculty Champion.

Online Teaching Certification at San Antonio College is a three step program and includes:

  1. SAC Online Teaching Certification (OTC) Course
  2. Applying the Quality Matters Rubric Course (APPQMR) QM 6th Edition
  3. SAC Online/Hybrid Course Peer Review Process

Find more information on the Online Teaching Certification page.



Faculty Champions by Discipline/Department



Faculty Champion



Aurelia Rocha


Engineering (MAPE)
Paula McKenna
Lynda Aguirre
Meagan Whaley
Ruby Martinez
Ricardo Pina
David Chavera


Computer Information Systems
ITSA Academy
Radio, Television, & Broadcasting
Music Business

American Sign Language
Interpreter Training
English as a Second Language
World Languages
International Studies
Court Reporting

Student Development
Human Services

Kathryn J. Miller

Kara Mowrey

Dehlia Wallis




Social Work
Early Childhood Studies
Criminal Justice
Terri Sinclair tsinclair@alamo.edu
Protective Services
Law Enforcement Academy
Mortuary Science
Political Science
Allied Health
Dental Assisting
Medical Assisting
Emergency Medical Services
Journalism & Photography
EDUC 1301 & 2301
Teacher Education
Mexican American Studies

Kara Mowrey

Ben Gracy



Biological Studies
Earth Sciences
Jeremy Motley
Christopher Ray
Human Resources Management
Public Administration
Real Estate
Paralegal Studies













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The Ultimate Disrupter To Higher Education Isn’t Silicon Valley. It’s Faculty.  If you haven’t already noticed, college and university faculty are responsible for perhaps the single greatest disruption to hit higher education thus far: massive open online courses (MOOCs).

SAC Joins OpenStax Network to Provide Free and Flexible Textbook Use San Antonio College is one of 12 schools chosen to participate in the 2020-2021 OpenStax Institutional Partnership Network. As a participant in the network’s first-year program SAC will work to build and execute a strategy that will encourage greater use of free, flexible textbooks among its faculty and students.


How Community Colleges Are Serving the Most Vulnerable Two-year colleges worked quickly to help students get through the pandemic, pivoting to drive-through food banks and community partnerships.


Wise Women are Flawsome 💕Spoiler alert, no one leads a perfect life, especially now, so shift expectations and purposely reject a crisis mentality. Instead, use this time to examine your wisdom and flaws. 


Wondering how to accommodate remote learners into your face to face classroom this fall? Try the "Buddy"​ Protocol There are many benefits to providing a “buddy system” for remote learners.

Grading in a Pandemic (Still) Colleges adopted an array of flexible assessment policies because of COVID-19 last spring. Many are reverting to their normal practices this fall -- though the term will be anything but.

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Organization and Time Management Tips


The hyperlinked article titles below will re-direct you to recent articles about organization and time management.

What is the difference between organizing and time management? Organizing is the act of rearranging items that are in a disorganized, cluttered state so that everything can be retrieved quickly with less effort, maximizing both their utility and visual appeal. Time management refers to increasing both the efficiency and the effectiveness of individuals and organizations through the organization of tasks and events by using tools such as planners and computers, and techniques and processes such as goal-setting, planning and scheduling. The two activities are interrelated since disorganization normally wastes time. Click title for full article.

How to (Actually) Save Time When You’re Working Remotely While the widespread shift to remote work hasn’t been without its challenges, it does offer a major silver lining: For many of us, commuting has become a thing of the past. In the United States alone, eliminating the daily commute has saved workers around 89 million hours each week — equivalent to time savings of more than 44.5 million full workdays since the pandemic began! These numbers suggest that working remotely could be a deus ex machina for reclaiming one of our most precious and limited resources: time. Click title for full article.



Wellness Resources

Wellness Resources



Click on the Image for the most recent Well onTarget® Newsletter.

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Well onTarget® is Blue Cross and Blue Shield's suite of integrated wellness offerings designed to help you reach your wellness goals. It includes resources and personalized tools to support your health and wellness.

Talking can help: Everyone faces life’s challenges from time to time and can use help getting through tough times. This is a reminder that the Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program offers a wide variety of counseling, referral, and consulting services designed to help you and your family resolve work and life issues to live happier, healthier, more balanced lives. This is a free benefit offered by the Alamo Colleges District to employees, their dependents, and household members. From grief, stress, and change management, to locating child care facilities, legal assistance, and financial challenges, they have qualified professionals to help. These services are entirely confidential and can be easily accessed 24/7, offering you round-the-clock assistance.

You can reach Deer Oaks by calling 866-327-2400. There is also helpful information on their website www.deeroakseap.com
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