Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Mathematics, Architecture, Physics &Engineering (MAPE)
Institute: Science & Technology
College: SAC




Rebecca A. West - Click the link to read about the San Antonio College Engineering Student who became a Scientific Paper Lead Author.

Virtual Reality Application Development Training - Click the link to read about San Antonio College being awarded a Create With VR Grant.



As A Future Engineer What Is "The Problem" That You Want To Solve?

  • Create new materials.
  • Use glass, metal, and plastics to make hundreds of products.
  • Use concrete and steel to construct bridges, buildings, dams, and roads.
  • Utilize new sources of energy that provide a higher standard of living.
  • Harness the energy in fuels to drive our airplanes, automobiles, ships, and trains.
  • Transform the energy in moving water into electricity that powers our businesses, government, homes, and schools.



The Engineering Program Mission

Our courses are designed to prepare students to enter the workforce and or transfer.  Courses in the fundamentals of the Engineering Design Process, Mathematics, and Science fulfill most of the requirements for the first two years of a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and are transferable to most universities.

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Where Are The Qualified Engineering Candidates?

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Crash Course Engineering

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Educating Engineers

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             ♦ Department Chair

  ♦ Engineering Program Coordinator

            Dr. Henry Griffith, PhD, MBA
            ( 210 ) 486-1305
            McCreless Hall / Room 221


♦ Faculty

    Dr. Savithra U. Eratne

♦ Staff

    Ms. Cynthia A. Morton
    ( 210 ) 486- 0314 / ( 210 ) 486-0270
    McCreless Hall / Room 221

    Ms. Patricia Gonzalez
    ( 210 ) 486-0276
    McCreless Hall / Room 221

    Ms. Bly Korseau
    ( 210 ) 486-1301
    Chance Academic Center / Room 145

♦ Student Hotline

    ( 210 ) 212-5266

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