Program Level: Degrees, Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Studies
Institute: Public Service
College: SAC

What is the Sociology program?

Sociology is the scientific study of social life. It is the exploration of social change and a lens into the complexity of the causes and consequences of human behavior.
(sources: American Sociological Association)

What will I learn?

Skills you can list on your resume:

Conduct Research and Analyze Data:  Learn both qualitative and quantitative research methods.  This will allow you to recognize trends and patterns and produce social statistics such as those used in market research, opinion polling, sales, and countless other applications

Communicate Skillfully:  Learn how to convey your ideas effectively in writing and presentations

Practice Critical Thinking: Learn to look beyond the surface of issues to discover the"why". Build your analytical skills. Solve problems and identify opportunities

Gain a Global Perspective: Learn about different cultures and how to analyze the interactions of groups and societies through a global and historical perspective

What can I do with this course of study?

With a degree, here are just a few career fields you can enter:

  • Social Services
  • Management & Marketing 
  • Human Resources 
  • Teachers, Librarians 
  • Social Science, Researchers 
  • Community and Advocacy Organizer
  • Government Agency Staff
  • Program and Policy Evaluator
  • Other professional fields with additional Graduate level education - Applied and Clinical Sociologists, Counselor, Demographer, Statistician, Law/Legal Professions
  • Transfer level courses for students who are pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree,
  • or who otherwise are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university to earn a Bachelor Degree.

 What's special about the program?

Multi-cultural learning opportunities such as courses with an "Internationalized Curriculum" and/or an emphasis on the "Mexican-American Experience" 

Curricula, including the selection of textbooks, that promote global awareness in all courses

Service-Learning opportunities in many courses and sections which encourage civic and community responsibility

Opportunities to engage in hands-on research that focuses on issues important to our campus and community.

Socialization into Sociology as a discipline and a profession through the Sociology student club.

Learn to look beyond the surface of issues to discover the "why".
Degrees and Certificates

Full time Faculty

Curtis Ogland
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Terri Slonaker
Assistant Professor
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Part time Faculty

Omega Arteaga-Gamboa
Adjunct Faculty
CAC 136H
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Annette Kampman
Adjunct Faculty
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Deborah Matusko
Adjunct Faculty
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