Student Development

Department: Student Development
Institute: Creative & Communication Arts
College: SAC

What is the Student Development program?

The Student Development discipline offers a variety of courses designed to help students successfully transition to college and improve the skills necessary for their academic success. Students who successfully complete our courses have shown a higher rate of success in their other courses than students who do not. Programs that develop and strengthen student capacity for academic success are widely recognized as best practices.

What will I learn?

In general, topics covered include but are not limited to Study Techniques, Personal Responsibility, Time Management, Critical Thinking Skills, Financial Literacy, Career Planning, Learning Resources, and Informational Literacy. The courses offered are EDUC 1300, EDUC 1100, SDEV 0370, and SDEV 0171. For specific details of each course see the course descriptions in the college catalog.

What can I do with this course of study?

These courses will develop or enhance the academic and interpersonal skills necessary for academic success. While not a specific course of study in and of itself, Individual Success Plans for Programs of Study are developed with each student as part of the course curriculum. It is an institutional requirement for all students to complete one of these courses as appropriate based on their status as a new student or academically at-risk. The policy is as follows:

  • Students who have less than 15 college-level credit hours (excluding dual credit) at the time of their first enrollment at San Antonio College are required to enroll in SDEV 0370 or EDUC 1300 in their first semester depending on test scores utilized for course placement as part of the enrollment process. Students pursuing a certificate can opt to enroll in EDUC 1100.
  • Students who are placed on Academic Dismissal are required to enroll in Strategies for Success (SDEV 0171) as a condition of their enrollment. The course is designed to identify and develop strategies to overcome barriers to academic success.

What's special about this program?

San Antonio College has long been a leader in recognizing the importance of Student Development Courses for student success. The proven effectiveness of our courses for over 40 years has resulted in accolades and awards at both the state and national levels. More importantly, students continue to acknowledge the positive impact of this course on their academic success.

These courses will develop or enhance academic and interpersonal skills...

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