Dual Credit

What is the Dual Credit program?

The Dual Credit program allows a high student to enroll in a community college and earn college-level credit, while at the same time fulfilling high school academic requirements. These courses are offered at the local and area high school campuses, as well as selected online courses.

Who does Dual Credit serve?

The Dual Credit program serves all high school students who have met the minimum testing requirements in the areas required for the course being taken, as well as the identified deadlines within the school district students are attending. The college will make the final determination on all admissions to the Dual Credit.

How does it benefit me?

  • Dual Credit increases the likelihood that a student will complete high school and will enroll in and persist in college
  • Decreases the cost of tuition and fees for students in completing their academic degrees
  • New graduates enter the workforce at an accelerated rate and begin to earn wages, which benefits themselves, their community and our economy
  • Students can earn up to 42 hours of college credit before graduating from high school
  • Increases student self-confidence

References and Forms

HSP Dual Credit Consent Form

Other Forms