Refresher Courses

We Believe in Taking a Second Look

Many times students discover that due to their performance on the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA), they are required to enroll in developmental education courses. Recognizing that many factors can evaluate a student’s academic ability beyond an assessment test, the Alamo Colleges offer Refresher courses which provide a second opportunity to be reassessed to determine appropriate course placement.  

As of summer 2014, if you did not meet college readiness scores in math, reading, and/or writing you will be required to enroll in a Refresher course(s) in the subject area you need at no cost to you.  

Refresher courses give you a second opportunity to possibly place into a higher developmental education course or a college-level course. 

We have found that students who complete a Refresher course are 50% more likely to jump into at least one level higher of developmental education or even a college-level course from where they would have originally placed.

Refreshers can have a big impact on when you begin to take college-level courses.  A typical developmental education course is taught over 16 weeks for a total of 64 hours costing $480 in tuition and does not count towards college credit.


Refresher Courses in Math and Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW)

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) is used to determine if you are college ready to enroll in college-level courses. Here at the Alamo Colleges we believe in using multiple methods to evaluate a student’s academic ability. Faculty members utilize the TSIA scores AND personally assess your knowledge and skills in the subject manner to ensure you are placed appropriately. After completing the Refresher, you may then participate in your college’s advisement process and register for your courses.  

The Refresher Courses are taken only once. Remember it is about ensuring that you are placed appropriately.  

The Math Refresher course is 16 hours and the Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW) Refresher course is 8 hours. These courses are offered prior to the start of each semester and run at various times. Refresher courses are identified as MATH 0055 and INRW 0055.

All our colleges offer Refreshers and you are able to take them at any college to best fit your schedule.

Learn more about the Refreshers occurring at our colleges:

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