Student Forms

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The Student Success forms are intended for use by Alamo College District students. They are accepted at Northeast Lakeview College (NLC), Northwest Vista College (NVC), Palo Alto College (PAC), St. Philip's College (SPC), and San Antonio College (SAC).

Steps to sign and submit documents online:

  • Step 1. Select your Home College from the tabs below. Each college has its own form.
  • Step 2. Select the document that you would like to submit.
  • Step 3. Fill out your form: Click on a text field and begin typing. Please complete all areas required and submit an attachment if needed.
  • Step 4. Digitally sign the document for completion. Click on Finish to submit for processing. If a required field or attachment is not complete, the form will not submit.
  • Step 5. You will receive an email that the form is completed when digitally signed by the enrollment office. This does not mean the form has been accepted, only that it has been received. If any additional documentation or information is necessary, your college will contact you.
  • How to scan and attach documents to a form:
    You may use a Smart Device (i.e. phone or tablet) to scan a document by downloading a Free App, such as Evernote Scannable, available on iPhone and Android.

    Alamo Colleges District does not endorse any App, but Evernote is an example of an App that is available.

If you need any additional assistance, please contact your Home College.

College Forms (PDFs)