Fresh Start

The Alamo Colleges’ Fresh Start Program Offers Eligible Students a Second Chance to Complete College

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Beginning with the Summer 2024 semester, the Alamo Colleges District is launching a Fresh Start program to offer eligible students who previously attended one of the district’s colleges the opportunity to continue enrollment or re-enroll and complete their degree or certificate.

The program is targeted to students who have a past due balance resulting from one or more terms during Fall 2021 through Fall 2023 terms and are unable to re-enroll because they owe a balance.

A scholarship for the outstanding balance of up to $600 would be awarded once the student meets certain requirements. Students must fully pay the current semester tuition and, if applicable, pay or enroll in a past due payment plan for prior semester(s) outstanding balance.

Fresh Start Requirements


Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

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Connect with Student Advocacy Services at the college they plan to attend


Meet with an advisor and create or update an academic plan

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Register and complete six semester credit hours with a grade of “C” or better

Students who re-enroll under Fresh Start would be able to use any financial aid for which they are eligible.

The Fresh Start program will help address the fact that life circumstances, including financial constraints, transportation, and child care needs, may contribute to students leaving college before completing their degree or certificate.

The program will also benefit taxpayers and the community by helping more students to complete college and qualify for the high-demand, high-wage jobs that local employers need to fill.

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is this a debt forgiveness program?

No, the purpose of the Fresh Start program is to allow students who owe ACD for past due balances related to classes taken from Fall 2021 - Fall 2023 to be able to continue enrollment or re-enroll at ACD and complete a degree certificate through an awarded scholarship.

2. Is this program a financial aid program?

No, while ultimately a ‘scholarship’ will be applied to the student’s account once all criteria are met, the ‘scholarship’ is not being provided as a foundational, merit or need-based scholarship. 

3. When does this go into effect?

Fresh Start is available for eligible students registering for Summer 2024, Fall 2024, or Spring 2025.

4. What are the requirements to qualify for participation in the initial program?
  • Student must have a balance owed as a result of a past term including Fall 2021 - Fall 2023. 
  • Student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

  • Student must be in Good Academic Standing.

  • Student must have Satisfactory Academic Progress in relation to financial aid eligibility.
  • Student must opt-in to participate in the program.
  • Student must register for 6 hours and pay in full (either through Student Financial Aid, payment plan or other means) at current tuition rate.
  • Student must either pay in full or enter into a past due payment plan, if the student owes more than $600 from the stated prior terms.
  • Student must connect with one of the five ACD Student Advocacy Recourse Centers.
  • Prior to completion of 6 hours, student must work with assigned advisor to develop an Academic Plan.
5. What about student with Financial Aid Suspension?

Students on financial aid suspension will need to follow the current Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal process and submit all documentation within the published Fall semester Financial Aid Appeals timeframe. Students on Financial Aid Suspension are not eligible for this program.

6. How will students verify eligibility?

Students may call their preferred college to confirm eligibility. 

7. Is the 6-hour requirement limited to academic courses or are Continuing Education (CE) courses included?

Only academic courses are allowed under the program. CE courses are not included. 

8. What if the students would like to register for more than 6 credit hours?

Students may enroll in more than 6 hours to continue on their academic pathway.

9. How will the students be notified if they have an inactive Apply Texas or need to submit a new FAFSA?

Students will need to complete a new Apply Texas application and a new FAFSA.

10. If I already paid my debt for the stated semesters and complete 6 hours can I get refunded?

If the student paid the debt prior to enrolling they would not have an eligible balance and would not be part of the initial eligible population. 

11. Can students who qualify sign up for a payment plan to cover tuition?

Yes, students can sign up for the payment plan to pay for current term tuition charges and will need to make payments on time.

12. How do students opt in?

Students must complete an opt-in form and acknowledge their understanding of the program criteria.

Please click here to start the opt-in form. You will be asked to sign into your ACES account through single sign on to access the form.

13. What Academic Statuses are considered Good Academic Status?

Eligible statuses include; Good Standing, Academic Probation, Continued Academic Probation, No Standing Listed. 

Ineligible statuses include; Academic Dismissal, 2nd Academic Dismissal, 3rd Academic Dismissal, Permanent Academic Dismissal.

14. What Satisfactory Academic Progress in relation to Financial Aid are considered eligible?

Eligible statuses include; Academic Plan-Continuation, Meets Satisfactory Academic Progress, Meets BA SAP, New Student/Transfer Student, New/Dual Credit, Probation-Appeal Approved, Probation/Dual Credit, No Status Listed.

Ineligible statuses include; End Term Suspension, Suspension 150% + Comp Rate, Suspension 150% + GPA, Suspension 150% Timeframe, Suspension 150% + GPA + Comp, Suspension Completion Rate, Suspension GPA, Suspension GPA + Comp Rate.