Grievance Forms

The Grievance Procedures define an administrative process in which students, faculty, and academic employees can seek a resolution of their disputes. These disputes may be academic or non-academic.

All Students Including Online:

All faculty including Online faculty are responsible for online classroom management and teaching strategies.  If a situation occurs in which a student believes that they have been treated unfairly by an instructor, the student may require intervention using the academic grievance process.

Academic Grievance

Faculty are responsible for classroom management, teaching strategies, testing, and evaluation of student performance. At academic institutions, conflicts may develop within the educational process that requires academic intervention using the Academic Grievance process. If the grievance process is to function smoothly, a serious effort must be made to resolve such conflicts expeditiously. When student complaints cannot be resolved through informal interaction with a faculty member or chair/coordinator, students are directed to use the Academic Grievance procedure.

Grievance Chart

NLC Academic Grievance Form

Academic Grievance Policies and Procedures are outlined as follows:

Non-Academic Grievance

The Non-Academic Grievance Policy provides a remedy for students who believe they have been the object of unjust treatment by an Alamo Colleges District employee. This policy does not apply to decisions regarding financial aid eligibility, student disciplinary actions, or academic matters.

NLC Non-Academic Grievance Form

Non-Academic Grievance Chart

 Non-Academic Grievance Policies and Procedures are outlined in the Alamo Colleges Board Policy: