FAQs – Use of Data

Q: Why does my Faculty Forms have decimal values and not percentages?

A: Certain computers open the percentages as decimal values. In such cases read 1 as 100% and .5 as 50% etc.

Q: If I did not teach last Fall, what should I do?

A: Don’t have to fill the form

Q: If a faculty no longer teaches should the Program Coordinator fill the form?

A: No. This form is for individual faculty member to plan their improvements

Q: What if this was the first time I am teaching the course?

A: If the faculty does not have a specific plan due to having taught the class for the first time, they may establish a new plan.

Q: Are non-teaching staff required to complete a Use-of-Data form?

A: Yes. The form is available at See under “Institutional Research (For all Units)” > Non-Academic Staff.

Q: Why didn't I receive a Program Use-of-Data this time?

A: If your field of study links to the AA, AS and AAT degree/program, Dr. Blackwood has established a college-wide committee, and the members of that committee will produce a response for the AA, AS and AAT Program. Background - In the college catalog the college lists 40 PTE/CTE programs and the AA, AS, and 2 AAT degrees for a total of 44 degrees/programs. The catalog lists Architecture as a field of study within the AA degree/program. We're asking you to link to the AA for your response.

If your field of study links to the AAS degree/program, please contact email Savithra at


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FAQs – Strategic Planning

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