Anytime Library

The San Antonio College has pioneered new technologies to make using the library easier. The upgrades will improve student success by providing equitable access to library resources and increase user-friendliness. 

Self-Checkout Station

Checkout books at a stand-alone kiosk using a touch screen all on your own.No more waiting in line, self-checkout, your way or anyway. Students will be able to check out five books at one time using the self-serve stations on each floor. A 23” touchscreen guides users through the checkout process.

Need help? Next to the self-checkout stations will be kiosks with iPads that can be used to contact a librarian in real time to get assistance or answers to any questions you have.

Library Mobile App

Checkout books and manage your account from anywhere using your mobile device. The new SAC Library TO-GO App is available on Android and Apple. Find your book anywhere in the library, scan with the app, and go!

Anytime Library

SAC students and faculty can access books 24-hours a day through a new self-serve carousel in a covered, fully-accessible shelter in front of the Moody Learning Center. The Anytime Library holds 336 books and will include a selection of textbooks, new books, and items that the campus community reserves.

Books are displayed spine-out through glass display windows. Users check out books much like self-checking at a department or grocery store. The carousel also accepts returned items.