Caring Campus

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Caring Campus Information for SAC employees is available at our Lunch & Learn workshops. 

Need more info about campus services? Take a look at the Caring Campus Guidebook.

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Learn About Caring Campus

The Caring Campus Initiative, developed by the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) is designed to create a college environment that increases students’ sense of connectedness and belonging and, in turn, completion of each student’s education goals.

The Caring Campus Initiative engages SAC employees to create a Caring Campus that ensures they are deeply involved in student success initiatives. It is particularly important for students from historically underserved populations, students less familiar with college, non-majority students, students from low-income households, and first-generation students to feel welcome and that they belong in college.



  • Commit to maintaining information on webpages, directories, email signatures, etc. 
  • Commit to taking time to fully understand the student’s need/concern and ensure that it has been addressed.
  • Commit to a standard and reasonable response time for voice mails, emails, and texts. 
  • Commit to practicing the 10-foot rule, when you see a student who needs help, offer assistance and take them where they need to go.
  • Commit to understanding what campus and community resources are available, so that you make accurate referrals.


  • Regularly use the student’s name-in-use
  • Clearly communicate about the course
  • Create moments that matter
  • Provide frequent and meaningful assessments
  • Practice situational fairness