QM Course Worksheet

Instructions to complete a QM Course Worksheet

1. As a faculty, if you are interested in an informal or a formal subscriber managed peer review process, you are required to complete a Course Worksheet.  This is where you tell the reviewers certain things about your course, such as listing the course objectives, describing where certain policies, can be found, information about your learning materials, etc.
2. The Course Worksheet is available through the MyQM site:
i. Sign into MyQM
ii. Click the Higher Education tab (at top)
iii. Click the Course Review Management System tab (at top)
iv. Select the “Work on your Course Worksheet” link”.
v. Reference Only: Sample Course Worksheets is available for your use.
3. Complete the Course Worksheet as per onscreen instructions.  Reference Sample Course Worksheet available within the Course Review Management System.
4. Once the form is completed and successfully submitted, our College QM Coordinator will contact you with further instructions.