What is reverse transfer?

Reverse transfer is the process of awarding an associate degree to students who begin their education at SAC, transfer to another institution, and complete their associate degree requirements while working toward a bachelor's degree.

Am I eligible?

You must complete at least 25 percent of an associate degree plan at SAC to be eligible. Your associate degree then depends on the course credit you earn at your four-year institution. This is evaluated case-by-case.

How much does it cost?

There are few costs associated with reverse transfer. SAC does not charge you for the reverse transfer process. Your transfer institution may charge you a transcript request fee. You also may require additional courses to complete an associate degree plan.

Can I take my courses at my university, or must I return to SAC?

You do not have to return to ACC to complete courses if you can take them at your transfer school. However, those courses must be transferable and applicable to an associate degree.

I completed my bachelor’s degree. Can I still reverse transfer?

Yes. You are eligible to apply for the reverse transfer process.

Can I participate in SAC’s commencement ceremony?

Yes! Earning your degree is a major accomplishment. When you apply to graduate, you will get information about commencement ceremonies.

Where do I get more information on reverse transfer?

Contact Marissa Saenz-Pena at msaenz-pena@alamo.edu for additional information.