Canvas FAQ for Students

What is the Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System is an online integrated software package that enables instructors to manage and deliver a variety of education materials to students and allows instructor-to-student and student-to-student collaboration. LMSs typically include tools for online discussion, quizzing and submission of assignments, sharing of files, and for assessment and grading. Canvas is the Learning Management System used at Alamo Colleges District.

Why did we choose Canvas among the LMSs that are available?

Canvas is a feature-rich, flexible platform and it best serves the needs of the Alamo Colleges District students. A team of faculty and staff reviewed over 15 LMS options and chose Canvas for its rich LMS functionality and the user interface that maximizes efficiency. Canvas offers a set of features that significantly surpasses what competitors offer.

What do I need to access Canvas for my classes?

In order to access Canvas, you need a computer with Internet access and an active ACES user name and password, provided by Alamo Colleges District. Canvas can be accessed via most major web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer and is supported under Windows. Once you login to ACES, select the My Courses tab to access the courses you are registered for. If the Instructor is using Canvas as a platform for course delivery, once you select the course you will be automatically logged into Canvas.

How do I get help with using Canvas?

Students can click on the orange Help button at the top right corner of the screen while logged into Canvas to request help. Students can also call the Alamo Colleges District Helpdesk at 210-485-0555 and select option 2 or San Antonio College Helpdesk at 210-486-0777 during the normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.. We recommend as well that students check out the Canvas Student Quick Guide.

When will my course be available?

You typically will not have access to your course in Canvas until the first day of class. You do not need to request access as you are automatically enrolled after registration in your academic course(s). If you register on the first day of class or after that date, it may take one business day before access is available as we update the information nightly.

I can't see my course in Canvas. Why?

In order to view your course in Canvas, two things must happen:
You must be officially enrolled in the course; and your instructor must have "published" the course to make it available to students. If an instructor asks you to access a Canvas course but it is not listed in your My Courses list, ask your instructor if the course has been published yet. If the instructor has published the course, ask your instructor to check if you are on the roster. If you have recently registered for the course, please allow one business day for your enrollment to be added to Canvas.

How can I learn more about Canvas?

Students can access the Canvas Student Quick Guide that is available 24/7 to learn more about the Canvas platform. However, if you wish to attend an on campus workshop our Student Technology Center offers several Canvas workshops on a monthly basis. Access the STC Training Calendar for additional information.