SAC President Supports Excelencia in Education’s National Research on Latino College Completion

July 19, 2023

Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications

Excelencia in Education, the nation’s premier authority in efforts accelerating Latino student success in higher education, announced today Dr. Naydeen González-De Jesús, president of San Antonio College, has chosen to be a partner to bring new analysis on Latino college completion and enrollment trends across the United States to the public.

The analysis, “Latino College Completion: United States 2023,” is the most comprehensive, up-to-date information available on Latino enrollment and graduation rates as well as programs proven to work for Latinos at the institutional, national, and state levels. It shows that degree completion gaps between Latinos and White non-Hispanics have grown, and reaffirms that, in order to close these gaps, college completion among Latinos must accelerate so they earn 6.2 million more degrees by 2030.

Sarita Brown, co-founder and president of Excelencia, said, “Excelencia is proud to bring this analysis to the public with support from 25 college, university, and system leaders committed to serve Latino students while serving all. Especially in this moment of change in higher education and in our society, we remain focused on Latino College Completion and recognize its importance to ensuring America’s future.”

Deborah Santiago, co-founder and CEO, who leads Excelencia’s research and policy agenda said, “Since our inception 19 years ago Excelencia has tracked and shared analysis about Latino students in higher education to inform, catalyze, and support institutional change as the Latino student population continues to grow. Trendsetting college and university leaders recognize the opportunity to increase Latino participation at their institutions and focus on these students completing degree programs, entering the workforce and civic leadership roles.”

SAC is one of the largest community colleges in the state with an enrollment of 18,000 students in both the fall and spring semesters. The college has been designated a Hispanic Serving Institution with a Latino student population of 67%.

“San Antonio College is committed to transforming our students lives through education and we value information and data that enhances our mission,” said Dr. González-De Jesús. “Our partnership with Excelencia in Education is essential in empowering our students through intentional, research-based strategies.”

Dr. González-De Jesús, is part of Excelencia’s national Presidents for Latino Student Success network, composed of institutional leaders who have committed to making their institutions learning environments where Latino students thrive.

The colleges and universities in Excelencia’s network are transforming higher education. Of the thousands of colleges and universities across the country, Excelencia’s Presidents for Latino Student Success network represents 4% of America’s colleges and universities yet, in 2022, enrolled 31% and graduated 33% of all Latinos students.  Further, 30 institutions within the network, including SAC, have earned the Seal of Excelencia for demonstrating, through data, practice, and leadership, how they intentionally serve Latino students while serving all.

Excelencia professionals and the colleges and universities in the network work in common cause to put evidence-based practices, research and strategic analysis of student data to use supporting and advancing the talents, skills, and contributions of Latino students and the institutions.

Through the partnership, Dr. González-De Jesús and the other public leaders continue to collaborate with Excelencia to leverage collective expertise and resources and foster working relationships that amplify current efforts and impact the national level.

About Excelencia in Education

Excelencia in Education accelerates Latino student success in higher education by promoting Latino student achievement, conducting analysis to inform educational policies, and advancing institutional practices while collaborating with those committed and ready to meet the mission. It has published more than 100 analyses, highlighted over 385 programs from across the country to advance effective, evidence-based practices, and distributed more than $2 million to promote programs producing results for Latino students. Launched in 2004 in the nation’s capital, Excelencia has established a network of results-oriented educators and policymakers to address the U.S. economy’s needs for a highly educated workforce and engaged civic leaders. For more information, visit:

About San Antonio College 

San Antonio College (SAC), part of the Alamo Colleges District, is among the largest single-campus community colleges in Texas and the nation. In 2021, SAC received the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, the nation’s signature recognition of high achievement and performance among America’s community colleges.

SAC is designated as an official Hispanic Serving Institution and was recently awarded the prestigious Seal of Excelencia certification for intentional, data-informed work to support its Latino student population. SAC also serves one of the largest student veteran populations in Texas and received the Veteran Education Excellence Recognition Gold Award from the Texas Veterans Commission for excellence in education and services to veteran students.

Founded in 1925, SAC offers courses in the arts and sciences and professional/technical fields. SAC is also a leader in online education. For more information, visit: